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Canon EOS 5D
Shutter Speed
1/250 second
Focal Length
35 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Jun 28, 2011, 12:06:30 PM
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© 2011 - 2021 Gonzale
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ReSkull's avatar
very touching !
good photo ;)
thepolishgirl's avatar
SAVALISTE's avatar
they grow up toooo fast mine isn't this tiny anymore she is almost 12 weeks old :aww: :( lol
BloodhoundYellow's avatar
I don't ever want kids but this is precious. Reminds me of that short time when my baby sister and nephew were born. They grow up so fast. ;u;
Harl3y-TheJok3r's avatar
Now I want a baby (Sorry for stalking your work XD)
katnisseverdeen106's avatar
You sir have made my feels for children skyrocket. I have such a soft spot for children and I go all high pitched and say "awww" and I would at this picture if my throat wasn't sore. So imma favorite this instead! Its a amazing picture!
IruUmino's avatar
Oww, such a little mite! I'm going to melt :) Kids are amazing... And this little guy is so little, that he matches perfectly to his father hands. Magic moment...
mergana's avatar
Encore une fois, felicitations! Vraiment heureuse pour toi et le papa. :)
alyhazzaa's avatar
is ur camera mark I or II?
alyhazzaa's avatar
=) and do you think the upgrade is a must or you are satisfied?
Gonzale's avatar
the upgrade ? from ?
alyhazzaa's avatar
from mark I to mark II
Gonzale's avatar
im satisfied with mkI
coxi's avatar
and people are still talking about cameras...
SmoothEyes's avatar
The-InvisibleFriend's avatar
Congrats to both of you!
From here on out, strictly baby photos (with cute little captions) and scrap booking ;)
Gonzale's avatar
haha, nah, i won't put his face on the internet just yet... maybe when he's a bit more aware.
but i can cute-caption other random photos if you want. with philosophicallo-poetic messages and emotes.
The-InvisibleFriend's avatar
oooooooh. heheh, as long as it's in Helvetica. What is this little guys name anyway?
senfbeu's avatar
félicitations! apparament tout le monde autour de moi est enceinte ou a justement eu des enfants :P
Je vous souhaite le meilleure!
AndreAnibaldi's avatar
es tan pequeño!, que maravilla! :)
azrael3000's avatar
All the best to the three of you.

Btw. are you still living in Paris?
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