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Shoo Pinkie Part 2

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Part 1- [link]

Another Ed Edd n Eddy-inspired MLP comic that I had in mind, inspired by the episode "Shoo Ed" [link]

Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Derpy and Applejack (c) :iconfyre-flye:
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ObeliskgirljohannyStudent Digital Artist
talk about breakable......
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Ahhh my childhood here. Love the show, shame it had to end. ;_; But this! Two things I love in one! But in the second to last panel, what was Pinkie cracking, when she was saying three bits?
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GoneIn10Seconds Digital Artist
She was cracking her back- she's flexing all the way backwards, passing through her back legs and in an upright position again. XD
KaRyu1017's avatar
Oh yea, just like how Johnny did! xD I remembered that now! Thanks!
DeadlockAt's avatar
Classic ed,  edd and eddy. They don't make comedy like that anymore. Hey can you make pinkie do ed as aspy who used his tongue to zip line  and smahing into a wall.
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princessprtHobbyist General Artist
how about a cup cake! *hands her a cupcake*
raymanraving244's avatar
A dollar! *cracks bones*
Fierce-Dities-Link's avatar
Just give her the bits, I don't think the panels can stand another crack!
PokeMarioFan14's avatar
Man, how much I loved that scene. Nice reference! :rofl:
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AzuriteRavenHobbyist Digital Artist
WorldWalker128's avatar
okay, but I understand and recognize the reference, but I don't get what they were doing in the cage from Jurassic Park in the first place.
Crono23's avatar
We're doomed I tell ya...We're doomed....
Sandwich-Anomaly's avatar
Sandwich-AnomalyHobbyist Digital Artist
ah the things pinkie can do to make everyone around her loose theyre minds... so much win!
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EdvinDrawHobbyist Digital Artist
Crack! XD
keaton-furman-prower's avatar
Ladies and Gentlemen, the fourth wall, and all other walls, have been destoyrd by a hyperactive pink party pony. If there is a lesson to be learned in all of this, I honestly don't know what it is.
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RiokennG3Hobbyist Digital Artist
I remember that episode. I always wondered why they trapped themselves if it won't stop the noise.
YesImDeadpool's avatar
YesImDeadpool General Artist
She's breaking her bones, and the fourth wall! XD
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PonymanXX7Hobbyist Writer
lol awesome ed edd eddy tribute XD
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joefox3272Student General Artist
yes all of my yes goes to this!!
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DowaKaDayHobbyist Digital Artist
am i the only one who doesnt understand this?
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You ever seen the show "Ed, Edd n' Eddy"?

This happened in one of the episodes, and it was hilarious.

Just hit up "Shoo Ed" on Youtube, you can find the episode.
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