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TW, Sterek: Moonlit Enterprise 5

By Gone-Batty
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well i'm definitely drawing lots of fingers.
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pannel 4! oh my god pannel 4!! XD
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i love your expressions so much! and they're so true to character XD
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Stiles: .... *FLIPS HIM OFF*

Oh my God, I can't! Ahahaha XD
TryingNotToLoveYou's avatar
Where they going? *O* I need took know !! I love so much ur art ♡
Gone-Batty's avatar
one day it may be revealed.. been having some terrible art/writers block wah wah
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Please more more :D. I definitively love it ! Are Derek and Stiles only friends here ? ^^. They're so funny together XD
Gone-Batty's avatar
not even friends really lol tenuous comrades at the very most
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Oh, it's sad... :(. And when will you upload the next page ? *w*
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i dunno.. my interests have moved passed teen wolf mostly... now i only really draw it when i need to spread word about commissions D:  comics consume a lot of time and its really hard to want to work on them when you aren't into it.
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Oh my god their expressions! You literally captured the same exact expressions the actors make for the characters, this makes me so happy. So believable, could totally be cannon.  :D
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woot!  i am glad that i am hitting close to my mark then! :D
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Can't wait to see more! :D
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been trying to get myself to work on it for like a year and a half lol
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So cute and spot on haha
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Can't wait for the next one, love these so much
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Hah, I love it, good job:)
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this is awesome!
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Ummm... I love your work. I don't love lack of part six. Sorry to be blunt.
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people do not pay me to make these comics.  i make my living scraping by on what little i can make  drawing what other people want instead of what i enjoy.  each one of these pages takes me upwards of 4-6 hours to complete, which works out to about 40-60$ if i want to make .50$ above minimum wage in the state that i reside in.

but really, i have a page in the works.. and i have had for a LONG time.. but i have no time to work on things for free while i have bills that need paying and groceries.

sorry to disappoint.
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