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June tasks - Scarlet Letter



Team Scarlet

Main Task: Capture the Agent 1
- With the help of Juliet's attract move, The Sceptile was lured to somewhere where there is no crowd and Romeleo do the Suprise attack but it seems the battle going brutal. Eventually Romeleo manage to defeat and capture the Sceptile with the help of his partner.
Rewards: +1 Merit (I guess so)

Researchers task 1: Move the Sleeping Snorlax
- Romeleo and Juliet help Archimedes moving Bob away from his labarotory, after several attempts of waking the heavy sleeper and got hit by some random attacks, Romeleo got no choice but to wake up the Snorlax by force. In the end, they succeed waking Bob up, only sends him to a medical center due to Romeleo attacks him XD.
Rewards: +1 Strike  (For hurting the Snorlax in attempt in waking him up)

Researcher task 2: Doing Paperworks for Solstice
- Assigned by Solstice to do the paperworks for the upcoming expedition, Romeleo was not easily impress about the it, still he writes all the paperworks while Julieta do her best to support and entertain him since she got no hands to write but she thinks paper working was fun for her darling XD.
Rewards: Merit or not (don't know if this count as a merit)

Researcher task 3: Fireworks display!
- Romeleo and Julieta were assigned to do a dazzling firework display for the arrival of the ambassador. In order for them to do that, they have to make fireworks of course as they go to Chelle's workshop and begin the making of fireworks. Romeleo picks charge stone dust as the component for the firework. As they were making the fireworks carefully, Julieta easily made some fireworks as she impress it her partner while Romeoleo just ignored her and continue the making of his own. After they have done making the fireworks, the two unlikely couple fires the fireworks at night which creates a magnificent view for all mons, as the Ambassador arrives the city.
Rewards: +1 Merit 

I just hope this is okay and pls leave a comment if you want :)
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I swear, Romeleo is the Sasuke and Juliet is the Sakura here.