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She sat upon her porch of dreams
Remembering such things as these
A woman now of such old age
Wondering how she reached this day
Alone she sits in quiet vigil
Of a time that long came to pass
A memory of a man who's love
Took her to the heavens above
They were but together once or twice
He had another in his life
They had found each other out one night
Fallen to the drunkards delights
Swept away in the magic of lust
They breeched the worlds of others trust
No harm was intended and none came
Just to souls lost, found again
Both being from different worlds
They broke the barriers and fell towards
A moment so profound and deep
That forever in her memory she keeps
Thoughts of such a sweet and dreamy time
Moments of touching so divine
His magic ran through her like warm summers rains
She ached for him, she knew the pain
That would be caused should his lover know
That these moments they stole
She had called to him upon the night
Two caged birds bound by life
Fly with me she called to him
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the tooth collecter by gon3woodstock the tooth collecter :icongon3woodstock:gon3woodstock 1 5 love me LONG TIME by gon3woodstock love me LONG TIME :icongon3woodstock:gon3woodstock 1 5
tonight you said you loved me
Tonight you said you loved me.
but did you really mean it?
you said you always show me.
then why do I never see it?
you told me that you wanted.
to never leave my side.
then why when I need you,
alone I sit and cry?
you always say you need me.
But you're never around.
And when I really need you.
As the blood hit the ground.
So you said you'd never leave.
But where are you today?
Why'd you say you loved me.
When you knew you couldn't stay?
And when you came back to me.
Excuses were all you made.
I told you that it could work.
But only if you had stayed.
You yelled and threw a fit.
And called me a bitch
But that's all in the past
Since I don't see you any more
May be I am alone
But who knows if it'll last
I'm pushing to move on now
And put you in the past
Your insults are now gone
I no longer feel your pain
I just pray to god
I can find true love one day........
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need sleepx by gon3woodstock need sleepx :icongon3woodstock:gon3woodstock 0 2
neverending pain
Overcome by loneliness,
I start to drift away,
leaving behind the ones
who used to care. I know
there is no escape.
Never ending sorrow is
fast approaching yet I
cannot hide from anything
but myself… drowning in my own
unmistakably self-induced
everlasting pain, I reach for anything
to save me before darkness
smothers me and I am no more
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pet rock- notsocreative title by gon3woodstock pet rock- notsocreative title :icongon3woodstock:gon3woodstock 0 3 half blessing half curse by gon3woodstock half blessing half curse :icongon3woodstock:gon3woodstock 0 2
break the mirrorx
the dawn knows all my secrets
the night knows all my lies
the heart knows all the errors
the tears i never cry
break the mirror
look beyond
break the mirror
of despond
break the mirror
see the light
break the mirror
of the night
break the mirror
little man
break the mirror
if you can
break the mirror
you're afraid
break the mirror
you're insane
the mirror is my nightmare
it says you're not my friend
the friend that i've forgotten
the love that has to end
'cause looking in the mirror
is all i seem to do
looking in the mirror
when i should look at you
break the mirror
while you can
break the mirror
make a stand
:icongon3woodstock:gon3woodstock 2 7
Gates of hell have opened, for I have been mistreated
Call on the pity of your gods to stop me if they will listen
For I am the Devil born of your sins and my hatred
The box is open to release a revenant
Hide you will try, but I will find you
Don't dream for I will be in them…lurking
Beg for mercy, but know there will be none
I am beyond death, twilight's king
Suffered the pains of death, but yet live
Taught the torments of hell was a pleasure
Knowledge I wish to share
Only to one who deserves this treasure
Forgotten your wrong was not
These are no words of play
Heed these words as warning
For one day we will meet again……
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Never have I fallen for one so far away
Out of reach by life's cruel treats
But I am quickly on my way
Drowning in pleasures cool pain
Your lips speak soft sweetness
Your hair, silk cascade like Avion in spring
Your touch a cool caress
I am lost in the magic sway of your hips
I think of you each morning
And dream of you each night
I think of your arms being around me
And I wither with fright
For who am I to wish for this delight
A soft kiss my only dream
Forbidden the fruits of night
Is it love? What is love's touch
But a gentle breeze of passion
over a lust fueled body of such
heat that it burns the mind of sense
I thought you a mirage of my mind
it's an illusion, it's fake, impossible to find
For you define beauty
In both body and mind
Your soft, gentle face
More beauty I fear I will never find.
Izzy <3
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stitch ate my pancakes by gon3woodstock stitch ate my pancakes :icongon3woodstock:gon3woodstock 0 6 im hungry CAN I EAT YOU UP by gon3woodstock im hungry CAN I EAT YOU UP :icongon3woodstock:gon3woodstock 0 3 maine looks really      scared by gon3woodstock maine looks really scared :icongon3woodstock:gon3woodstock 0 2 evil alice by gon3woodstock evil alice :icongon3woodstock:gon3woodstock 0 1 dragon first sketch by gon3woodstock dragon first sketch :icongon3woodstock:gon3woodstock 0 5


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