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please read this journal, journal and be part of us your voice is the power! :#1:

if i had some ideas for some reamkes i will be submitted my work. so you can decided if you like the new one or the original one more, maybe i can pay on this way the community this back what they gave me... :)

so let's start to reviving the emote section here on our beloved community

notice this is only a choice for you, nothing more...

the official version: :snowflake:

idea: :lightbulb: comes spontaneously
time: :invisible: 10min
frames: :worker: 4

i hope you like it :deviation:
thanks for reading, comments and critique are welcome :thanks:
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This is adorable. I love it! :D
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Thank you Sweet Eyes Emoticon 
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I'm gonna say what everybody has said a hundred times before: CUTE. That is effing adorable.
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And everytime it's a pleasure to read such comments. :hug:
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Aweh, that's the cutest snowflake that I have ever seen! >:]
Just don't melt away, please? c:
Gomotes's avatar
If you be very carfull so snowflake don't melt. :)
fursora's avatar
Ah, that's going to be hard considering that I'm clumsy. D:
Gomotes's avatar
That's a pitty for the little sweet snowflake...
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you have been featured on my journal [link]

have a nice day!!!
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You're to good to me. Thanks again for the feature. :)
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That's an awesome emote!!!
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Thanks for the kind words.
Biotype's avatar
I'm kind heart, when my rabies haven't kicked in.
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BoffinBrain's avatar
OMG, how cute. :) I'd like to see this in the legend.
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Aww, now that's a cute little thing there.. neat little animation too! :aww:
Gomotes's avatar
:aww: yes sometimes the shortness fitted good :lol:
yUsA-310's avatar
:aww: that's SOO cute!
but... the emoticons that we make... can we use them? :confused:
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