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please take the time and read this both journals:
zac's journal
liv's journal
be part of us your opinion is the power! :#1:

so let's start to reviving the emote section here on our beloved community

notice this is only a choice for you, nothing more...

the official version: :shocked:
mady by: ~evilrice

idea: :lightbulb: comes spontaneously
time: :invisible: 50min
frames: :worker: 8
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great job like always!!!
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:D Those eyes! Genius.
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everytime i look at this, i smile.

sometimes seems he's going to vomit btw, :giggle:
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yes you're right with the hands it look sometimes like he want to vomit :D
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Looks great love the eyes :D
arrioch's avatar
awesome work, i love his eyes :clap:
katat0nik's avatar
Another improvement on the old one:clap: Love the big eyes:D
Gomotes's avatar
yes big eyes are damn nice on emotes :XD:
Gomotes's avatar
yeah big eyes :#1:
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Huge eyes :omg: ehehehe :D** *
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he have luck that they don't plooped out :giggle:
AnimatedSuStenida's avatar
:rofl:it would be great :P eheheh
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