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April 11, 2010
Sometimes the simple means more than complicated. So is :saddestthingintheworld by `sml-e showing more than words could tell in just few frames.
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Suggested by Krissi001
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~Raishuu asked me at the devmeet in Berlin if I can do an sigh Emoticon, we told her we've have one in the Mood and finally she found it. :)

Any way I give an sigh my self a chance, the little dude above is the result.

I'm very happy about the result, I added some nice little features to it to made this looks really really realistic in my eyes.

Glad that I don't need this at the moment, and I hope all of you don't need this, too!

Now as plz: :iconsaddestplz:

idea: :lightbulb: spontanous if I worked on this sad expression
time: :invisible: 2 hours
frames: :worker: 18

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:saddestthingintheworld You can use via the new comment system. ;)
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Omg, lol, I just LOVE the expression on his face! It's sooooo cute!!
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Glad you like it.
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Congrats on the DD! :+favlove:
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Thank you :) The other sign fitted better, but hey welcome to the club. :highfive:
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You mean welcome back to the club? I was a ` before I was a ^.
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:clap: Bravo! Bravo! :iconcheerplz:
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well, I've suggested this a ton of times to differents GDs. I'm happy they get it... finally :D

congrats my friend :handshake: :ahoy:
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Thank you glad to know this. And you saw that the other ones made a big mistake that they does not choosen it. Because a lot of people like it. :manhug:
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That is just adorable! I feel like I could reach out and hug this little dude. Great, great job on this! :+favlove:
Thanks for sharing!
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I thought that would help this little guy a lot!
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Wow...perhaps one of the most expressive emoticons I've ever seen. Wonderful job :clap:
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What a great comment, thank you so much for your words. :)
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whoah... incredibly done! o.O
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Thank you so much. :)
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awww the poorguy :(
but very well done!!
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