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this is my choice for a revamped version of :nod:

just play around with some pixels...

idea: :lightbulb: seeing the :nod: emote
work: :invisible: 30 min
frames: :worker: 6

maybe you like it... thanks for reading, comments and critique are welcome... :thanks:

edit: 11.03.07 move the face a little bit to the left
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is there a plz account for this?
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No I don't believe there is a plz account.
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Very smooth animation - great work.
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dude! coolest nod EVER! seriously dA should replace the emotes they have with yours. they're just too cool! and SO much better :nod:
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thanks for this words :lol:
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yummy, reminds me of sweets :hungry:
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:fear: please don't eat him :XD:
gothicgoose's avatar
Lol i won't......yet ;)
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Wow, I really love the shading.

I kinda want to eat it. xD It looks like a candy.
A very tasty one too.
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:XD: the poor little emote :lol:
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You know I love your shading, but I did laugh at =camelhijackation's comment!

This is a great remake, and I like how you've kept the "shine" from the original, but you've made it work this time. Really smooth shading.

I do also like the off-centre approach with the face, but I'm not sure on how far off-centre you want it. Perhaps it could move maybe one or two pixels towards to left. Maybe just play with it.

Overall, a great little remake, one I hope to find replace :nod:.

Except it should be renamed :yes: to go with :no: (:no:)
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i take a look with the face and play around a little bit, i like your idea with the :yes: for this emote
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I had expected to see a more intricate face than this, however, I think the simplicity is in keeping with the emotion being conveyed.

That made sense in my head.
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i've try it but that what i've try doesn't fit to this emote, that's why i used this simple one
Kermodog's avatar
nice shading:D for some reason he looks chubby :giggle:
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haha, I haven't even uploaded my update to :nod: but it looks very simliar to yours. Nice update.

Shew, we need stop influencing each other or our styles are going to merge :lol:
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in my head is something like your nod can be look like the classic version's you made... :)

:XD: i'm sure we found a way not to merge
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