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Nifty Eyes the emote set

it's finished after working long time on these emote set, all work is done and i found a name for the set. thank you all, for your ideas you gave me :thanks:

the set have 25 emotes in it

A I hmpf
A II oops
A III argh
A IV eek
A V ahh

B I hehe
B II oeh
B III pupy
B IV shh
B V grin

C I hmm
C II pueh
C III wah
C IV baeh
C V huh

D I sad
D II cons(piracy)
D III hoehoe
D IV haha
D V mad

E I bleh
E II fear
E III weeh
E IV wtf
E V stare

the set have two formats one for using them in forums/boards the other format is for the messenger systems...

i hope the set is useable and i hope they become some smiles if they post somewhere.

!!!please read the readme, for know all about what you can do and what you can't do with them!!!

idea: :lightbulb: play around with some faces...
work: :invisible: too long
frames: :worker: 25 emotes all static
copryright by: Erni - Smileydesign

you have it in your hands the more the set is loved by you, the more is the chance it give other smiley set's in the future...
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Weee... This is pretty.