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this is a special emote for ~Alvia, she asked if i can do for her an revamp version of the hug emote...

the result you can see above :)

idea: :lightbulb: i become from ~Alvia
work: :invisible: 1h
frames: :worker: 11

maybe you like it... thanks for reading, comments and critique are welcome... :thanks:

edit: added a little heart in the animation, thanks to `mykel for this idea :lol:
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Gay Space Rocks Reunion Steven Universe - Ruby and Sapphire (kissu kissu) The Warden gives ye a kiss 

Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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Are we like Ruby and Sapphire..??
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Nah tbh......more like, FRYLINA X LEELO!!!!!!!!!!:heartbeat xmillion:
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Okie if Were in Futurama

What about MistressXWarden ..??
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How do you use this?
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simply use add media and you can use it for your comments. :hug 
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No problem if you type by:gomotes into search you find every emoticon I made for conversations. cheer dance 
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That's very helpful, thanks a lot..... But it would be more helpful IF ADD MEDIA WOULD SHOW UNDER MY COMMENT SECTION!!
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Is there no link at the bottom of your comment?
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Ok this is the first time I read this. Because then you can't add emotes to your comments. This is :cries v.2 
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:hugandkiss: how cute!
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Cuteness!! Love it<3.
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