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the darkness is everywhere even in this moment where you read this text, the darkness can catch you. it is only a question of time... :evileye:

yes the black is mostly extreme dangerous so keep your eyes open and you will see it, hear it, or even feel it... :fear:

the concept for this emote, i have a long time in my head but my skillz are not good enough to make this emote, but now the time is come and the darkness came out of me... :evillaugh:

i'm very happy about the result of this emote and after a long time i've finished so a big emote... :w00t:

this deviation is for me an test... so i'm really tense about your opinions... :bucktooth:

you like the darkness take a look at the :lightness

idea: :lightbulb: coming in my head where i look some horrorfilms
time: :invisible: 2h 40min
frames: :worker: 122

i hope you like it :deviation:
full view to remove the shadow... :dohtwo:
thanks for reading, comments and critique are welcome :thanks:
greatly appreciate are :+fav: :bow:

edit: 10.05.06 speed up th section where the darkness get our little friend thanks to ~baby-alien91 and ~Edme for the info :blowkiss:
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me, loving the darkness and gloomy characters: *trembles and squeaks*