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October 20, 2007
As zacthetoad said, every one of the 25 emotes in *sml-e's :damotes could easily be a DD in and of itself. The superb shading and expressiveness which characterize all of *sml-e's emoticons are in high relief in this beautiful pack.
Featured by livius
Suggested by zacthetoad
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Damotes a emote set.

This set includes emotes I do for this project #EmoticonHQ.

There are 25 emotes in it some are animated other where static.

The emotes are in two formats one in original size and the other for messengers.

A I :thanks
A II :biggrin
A III :upset
A IV :lol
A V :hmm

B I :evileye
B II :sad
B III :razz
B IV :rolleyes
B V :blushes

C I : oops
C II :smile
C III :doh
C V :eek

D I :wink
D II : o_O
D III :aww
D IV :8P
D V :mad

E I :evillaugh
E II :boogie
E III :crying
E IV :zombie
E V : omfg

!!!Please read the readme, for all the infos of what you can do and what you can't do with them!!!

Thanks for remembering me ~ChaosEmeraldHunter :hug:
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compliments ^^
Gomotes's avatar
CANT WAIT TO SEE THE WHOLE SET!!!! Hurry up and Wait, do a good job!!!
Gomotes's avatar
It's more whole project now, found out more on Gomotes
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:iconblinkthanksplz: They look great. I especially like o_O, thanks and XD. :D
Gomotes's avatar
I'm really glad you like them :)
I want those declared as official standard emoticon for all applications that use ones
Gomotes's avatar
:) Thanks so much for the kind words.
Hopeazul's avatar
amazing :) and congrats for the DD
Gomotes's avatar
Glad you like them. :)
etNoir's avatar
Awesome shading and expressions ^^
Gomotes's avatar
Thank you. I work on a new basic set maybe you're interested in. [link] :)
Thunderfang117's avatar
My computer doesn't open RAR files. How do I get it to MSN then?
Gomotes's avatar
search on google for winrar it's free on you can open the file. you can use the programm for zip files too.
K8ch's avatar
thanks for such nice emoticons :)
I'm using them on my personal website, is that alright?
Gomotes's avatar
For sure you can use them it would be nice to set a link to my new smiley site
[link] In the readme is the old adress...

And I'm glad you like them.
K8ch's avatar
ok i've done that , thanks again :)
Marc-pHX's avatar
Amazing work, man! Shading and expressions are fantastic! =D
Gomotes's avatar
Thanks so much for the kind words :)
Marc-pHX's avatar
You're welcome! =)
VooooD's avatar
~ good ones! i will use them on my board [link] and you will be able to see them later.. :) :+fav:
Ipnorospo's avatar
perfect expressions
Gomotes's avatar
Thank so much for the kind words. :)
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