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Fushigi Plasma

By gomezhyuuga
I finished the first public version of the plasma theme for FushigiProject ;-)

There are some missing elements to make, and some are Air ones with only the color (and other things) modified. Also there are not a decent opaque version yet :(

Here a screen with some plasmoids: [link]

Hope you like it!

Feedback it's very welcome! (And remember, if you want to help with this project-we need a wallpaper! D:-, you can contact me anytime ;))

- Arrows in systray svg for backward compatibility
- Less gray background
- New KOrganizer icon by aaronlewis1989
- Alt KOrgac icon added
- Less gray background
- New KOrga
- First public version
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archmsx's avatar
This theme is awesome but it could use a little lifting to be fully compatible with KDE SC 4.10 (specially the 'top screen menubar').
XStanX's avatar
Any update intended soon? Folder View seems broken in KDE 4.9.5
leodelacruz's avatar
Great job, thank you.

A few bugs:
- the system tray battery icon fill is still not working correctly
- pop-up calendar (click on time in the menubar) has shading so dark you can't see the dates or day highlights, making the pop-up canendar useless.
miguelcarranza's avatar
WOW ! great job, my favorite plasma theme :D
CraazyT's avatar
Very nice my friend! ;)
pmlsantos's avatar
Awesome i love it!
But there are a few bugs.
Look screenshot please [link]
I think the border in terminal wasnt supose to be in black. And the clock.. Any idea whats hapenning?
Thanks and keep the good work! ;)
aqua797's avatar
I love simpleness this theme, and it has become my personal favorite. The simplicity and minimalism are very visually appealing, and do no assault the eyes with distortions as many transparent themes do.
z3roz3ro's avatar
found my default theme :)
lianx-design's avatar
i wish i'm booting linux right now :D
jeruki's avatar
very nice love the notification icons :D
smihael's avatar
WOW! It's so nice to see something Linux related under daily deviation :)

Could you please made it available at, so it'll be easier to download and install it?
gomezhyuuga's avatar
Thanks :) It is already on
smihael's avatar
That's nice :)
Tatsujin79's avatar
Extremely nice, might install kde just to try this out, really nice work. Also congrats on getting a linux app as a daily deviation
jlong0's avatar
what exactly is the Fushigi Project?
gomezhyuuga's avatar
A suite of artwork for KDE, but at this time it's paused.
jlong0's avatar
ah, TY, whats KDE? xD
gomezhyuuga's avatar
It's a Desktop Environment for Linux; [link]
jlong0's avatar
oh, I dont have Linux. ^^;
smihael's avatar
reconsider installing it :)
jlong0's avatar
I dont have linux
smihael's avatar :)
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