Keep Calm and Have Some Features - #2

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And now, following my obsession...

(It's M/M art: if you do not like, if you do not approve, just turn your eyes away and let me dream on. ;) )

Happy bDay to me! by Golubaja

Starfish Rainbow.. 

.::Thorki (Thor/Loki) Art::.

Thorki by golikethat Thor and Loki  Dreaming by golikethat<da:thumb id="472197505"/> Thorkianna by Jaleenelox

Until that night by Jaleenelox Thorki coloring practice by Florbe Kiss From a Rose by Florbe

Mature Content

Thor/Loki by banilaicecream

ThorKi - Sorry, I couldn't protect you - WIP by Lehanan I'm a fool... by ladycataria<da:thumb id="415243567"/> Touch by itokufox
65656 by VladaTee The Dark World (fixed 2020) by eleathyra thorki by kakachan I have a dream... by hele-pj
Thorki: Under Tinkling Willow by Plavkovie Sleep, My Brother by WanderingDragon379 I remember a shadow... by charlotvanh Thorki ^^ by Angel-bringer
Give us a kiss by annoulaki<da:thumb id="412885417"/><da:thumb id="394506934"/><da:thumb id="359946290"/> Give us a kiss? by StudioKawaii

.::Thor Solo::.

Thor by lilhydra KERACKK!! by Nimloth87 thor2 by kakachan Thor doodle by Lehanan Thor by bikacy
Thor - painting by Lasse17 Thor by LindaMarieAnson Thor by kayshasiemens thor II by LindaMarieAnson
<da:thumb id="302473112"/> Thor by Jasqreate PV Series The Avengers Thor by woshibbdou The Golden Son by LindaMarieAnson

.::Loki Solo::.

Loki Reading Byron by golikethat Loki sketch by Jaleenelox Young Avengers : Loki by Abz-J-Harding Ice cold by Epselion
Loki doodle by Lehanan Punishment by duyeqing Golden Prince by AnnGeea

Loki, Prince of Asgard by alicexz Born to rule by jiuge punishment by Everybery My King by Elluwah
Loki by MiguelRegodon Loki by Corvidajor Immortality by Beginte Art nouveau! Loki by StudioKawaii

Starfish Rainbow.. 

Mature Content

 Here starts the first part of my obsession... ;)

Mature Content

 ...and here starts the second part of it. ;)

Starfish Rainbow.. 
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Nimloth87's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature! :tighthug:
Golubaja's avatar
My pleasure! :hug:
AnnGeea's avatar
Thank you for the feature! :hug:
Nice arts!

Golubaja's avatar
Pleasure is all mine! :heart:
Florbe's avatar
Gosh!! I'm so honored :iconcblushplz:
Golubaja's avatar
You are one of my favourite Thorki artists since ever, the pleasure is all mine! :blowkiss: :heart:
Elluwah's avatar
Thank you for the feature! :la: Lots of great artwork here. <3
Golubaja's avatar
You're welcome! I love your art! :heart:
LindaMarieAnson's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature! :heart:
Golubaja's avatar
My pleasure. Your art is just breathtaking. :heart:
Vahisa's avatar
Me likey!  :winner:
Plavkovie's avatar
:happybounce: :happybounce: Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love 
Golubaja's avatar

(Just to know, for I dunno how that new dA feature works: did you get the "mention" thing saying I posted your art on my journal?)
Plavkovie's avatar
Yes I did :D Thank youuuu Tackling hug 
Golubaja's avatar
Pleasure, sweetie! Glomp! 
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