A huge tribute to Doctor Who

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First of all: I'm a very, very BIG fan of Doctor Who (and Torchwood), one of the best and most loved TV shows ever.
My favourite Doctor is Ten, aka David Tennant, but I watched several seasons from the Classic Series too (Tom Baker ruleZ!) and I can still remember when I was a child and I saw the Daleks for the first time on TV. :D

So, I was thinking of this tribute since a long time, and now that the Xmas Special is close and a new Doctor is going to appear, I think the time has come.

It took me quite a while to assemble this, 'cause we have tons and tons of fantastic Doctor art here on dA.
I'm sure I've missed some masterpieces around (you can note me if you know about Doctor fantastic art I didn't collect here, maybe I'll do a Part II), and I'm sorry, I'm really so so sorry I couldn't feature all the art that I'd loved to.

And yet it's a huuuuuge feature following! ;)

You want to know all about the Doctor? Go Wiki then! --> en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doctor_W…

Enjoy!!! :D


:pointr:1st Doctor (William Hartnell)

:thumb134047175: Time To Smoke by Timedancer 1st doctor by nightwing1975 First Doctor by RichardBurgess William Hartnell by SJWood
:thumb116998495::thumb137279246: A Doctor a Day - One by polvoice Doctor One and the Daleks by ONTV Doctor One by Arrowfire
young runaway rebel by greyfin First Doctor - Hartnell by Marker-Mistress The First Doctor on Gallifrey by fugazi32

:pointr:2nd Doctor (Patrick Troughton)

:thumb134194588: 2nd doctor by nightwing1975 Doctor Who The Mind Robber by ShawnVanBriesen Second Doctor by RichardBurgess Patrick Throughton by SJWood
:thumb123227336::thumb108755176: A Doctor a Day - Two by polvoice Doctor Two and the Cybermen by ONTV:thumb115651231:
cosmic hobo by greyfin Patrick Troughton by Marker-Mistress

:pointr:3rd Doctor (Jon Pertwee)

:thumb134676569: 3rd doctor by nightwing1975 Doctor Who: Jon Pertwee 2 by temmosus Third Doctor by RichardBurgess:thumb125673578:
:thumb109826889: A Doctor a Day - Three by polvoice Jon Pertwee as the 3rd Doctor by Timedancer Doctor Three and Linx by ONTV:thumb144353213:
snobbish oldtimer fan by greyfin Cretan Jazz by JanjyGiggins The Third Doctor by MJasonReed

:pointr:4th Doctor (Tom Baker)

Tom Baker by Lithrael:thumb134075278: The 4th Doctor by ryuuri 4th doctor by nightwing1975 The Iconic Doctor Who by ditraveler:
The Doctor in trouble by telesketch The 4th Doctor and Leela by Gorpo Doctor Who - The Fourth Doctor by caldwellart Doctor Who - Tom Baker by caldwellart The Fourth Doctor by aimeekitty
Fourth Doctor by RichardBurgess A Doctor a Day - Four by polvoice Jelly Baby? by Girl-on-the-Moon:thumb126469805::thumb110268252:
Dr Who - Tom Baker by RichardTingley Alone Again by Timedancer Doctor Four and the Foamasi by ONTV Romantic?? by Mazzi294 Spoilers by Mazzi294
:thumb128199790: The Pyramids of Mars by Marker-Mistress Pyramids of Mars by JanjyGiggins The 4th Doctor - Blue Vortex by jlfletch:thumb111976504:
A Month of Tom: Day Twenty-two by vandonovan Doctor Who by tenseone The Fourth Doctor by aimeekitty Fourth Doctor by Carthoris

:pointr:5th Doctor (Peter Davison)

:thumb138175648: 5th doctor by nightwing1975 The Fifth Doctor by nuriwan The 5th Doctor by scotty309 Fifth Doctor by RichardBurgess
:thumb132980338::thumb112704030: A Doctor a Day - Five by polvoice The Fifth Doctor by ONTV Doctor Five and the Tractators by ONTV
The 5th Doctor by RichardTingley The Doctor by tsukinoyagami

:pointr:6th Doctor (Colin Baker)

Sixth Doctor by ryuuri:thumb136967506: 6th doctor by nightwing1975 Sixth Doctor by RichardBurgess:thumb128987849:
A Doctor a Day - Six by polvoice Doctor Six and Sil by ONTV Thoros Beta by JanjyGiggins

:pointr:7th Doctor (Sylvester McCoy)

:thumb134045613: 7th doctor by nightwing1975 Seventh Doctor by RichardBurgess:thumb134701287: A Doctor a Day - Seven by polvoice
Question by Timedancer Doctor 7 and the Haemovores by ONTV Doctor WHO - the 7th Dr. by DocRedfield The 7th Doctor by DarkAngelDTB

:pointr:8th Doctor (Paul McGann)

:thumb134044556: 8th doctor by nightwing1975 Eighth Doctor by RichardBurgess The Eighth Doctor by Niki-UK A Doctor a Day - Eight by polvoice
The 8th Doctor - Thais by Timedancer Doctor WHO - Enemy Within by DocRedfield Doctor Eight and the Zygons by ONTV:thumb96082113: The Guy with Two Hearts by JanjyGiggins

:pointr:9th Doctor (Christopher Eccleston)

that daft old face by greyfin:thumb134447579: I MISS 9 DX II by Girl-on-the-Moon Chibi Doctor nine 02 by ryuuri 9th doctor by nightwing1975
Doctor Who - Ninth Doctor by OMangueOTangue The Doctor by miyavi The Ninth Doctor by GabeFarber Doctor Nine and the Slitheen by ONTV The Doctor by RichardTingley
Doctor Nine by Arrowfire The Ninth Doctor by MoShmoe The 9th Doctor Who by Hodges-Art Doctor Who - The Ninth Doctor by caldwellart:thumb52613224:
Doctor Who...Everybody Lives by scotty309:thumb113730508: Nine by RichardBurgess Ninth Doctor by RichardBurgess doctor WHO by SpookyChan
: Mr Eccleston : by SJWood Doctor Who Sketch Card by RandySiplon My Doctor by Girl-on-the-Moon Doctor Who by Dr-Horrible:thumb134702219:
: Doctor Who : by SJWood A Doctor a Day - Nine by polvoice The Ninth Doctor by ONTV Doctor Who by Mazzi294
The Doctor by Berende The Oncoming Storm by JanjyGiggins

:pointr:10th Doctor (David Tennant) :love: :love: :love:

David Tennant - Intensity by frenziedsilence 10th doctor by nightwing1975:thumb74871894: Doctor Who: Let's go BANANAS by jagwriter78 Doctor Who by JunebugHardee
The Doctor by key-0 Doctor Who by GabeFarber Doctor Who by slightlytwisted Doctor Who  - David Tennant by caldwellart Doctor... Who? by Maelthra-Studios
Doctor Who by mydogatela Doctor Who pin-up by danmcdaid Because I'm Clever by Girl-on-the-Moon DW- madame de pompadour by ryuuri
Chibi Doctor Ten by ryuuri The Doctor by Totalrandomness :David Tennant, Tenth Doctor: by SJWood:thumb90384601::thumb69064011:
The 10th Doctor by Hodges-Art Guess Who by reaperfox Until Tomorrow by reaperfox Doctor Who - Cybermen by caldwellart:thumb64584755:
The Doctor by underaoised : Guess Who : by SJWood Tennant Pinstripes by polvoice Doctor Ten and the Clockwork A by ONTV Our Hero by Mazzi294
I Still Miss Someone by Mazzi294:thumb131387896::thumb108168086: Doctor Who  - The Tenth Doctor by caldwellart doctor who fan art WIP by sonny123
DOCTOR WHO FINISH by kgreene:thumb48049451::thumb134676943: Doctor Who by gravitydsn David Tennant by Lithrael
:thumb117792246: D O C T O R  W H O by S-von-P THE TENTH DOCTOR by S-von-P Doctor WHO chibi by Kinky-chichi Chibi Doctor Who Stand Alone by ElectricEidolon
Doctor Who - tenth doctor by Nie-Nie7 Doctor who by Rayelei The Doctor by Ery-chan Doctor Who by DeclanShalvey The New Doctor by Totalrandomness
Doctor who? by theTieDyeCloak Doctor Who by LizieVamp A Doctor a Day - Ten by polvoice The 10th Doctor -EDIT- by SpookyChan 10 by RichardBurgess
:thumb124019407::thumb129790864: Coffee Doctor Who -- Doctor by howvery--blue Doctor Who by Everild-Wolfden The Tenth Doctor by MoShmoe
and then he looks at you... by greyfinTenth Doctor - Pose by Rootay

:pointr:11th Doctor (Matt Smith)

dressing the doctor by greyfinThe Eleventh by Naixoa:thumb134676294:11th doctor by nightwing1975:thumb109827296:
Matt Smith by Mazzi294Eleventh in Tenth Outfit by RootayEleventh Doctor by Rootay11 by katesw

:pointr:The DoctorS

The Eleven Doctors - alternate by PaulHanleyGallifreyan Echoes by adrianpatrick:thumb99610028::thumb46815474:Doctor Who by Montygog
45 Years of Doctor Who by GorpoDoctor Who by ShawnVanBriesenDoctorWho 11 Doctors Triptych by ShawnVanBriesenThe Ten Doctors by ShawnVanBriesenDoctor Who-The Eleven Doctors by caldwellart
Doctor Who by caldwellart10 Doctor Who's by SJWood:thumb34148067:40th Anniversary party by Timedancer:thumb98004426:
Prydonian Cosmology by MJasonReedLogo Totem by jlfletchMini Doctor Who - Teamwork by willmeister42:thumb65298073:Clay Ten Doctors by vandonovan
:thumb85100218::thumb84430557:Three Doctors by Marker-MistressThe 7 doctors by DarkAngelDTBThe Doctors Who by I-heart-Link


DOCTOR WHO COMPOSITE by S-von-PBAD WOLF edit:plus the Master by Kinky-chichiDoctor Who - Children of Time by strawberryginaDoctor Who IDW Comic -Color- by SpikeRevell:thumb46247500:
:thumb58481472::thumb91865943::thumb53388459:Doctor Who - Children of Time by caldwellart:thumb90121596:
Doctor Who Companions by scotty309Doctor Who by Sally-Avernier

Rose Tyler
Rose Tyler by ONTVDoctor Who - DOOMSDAY by dronio:thumb94274016::thumb128360203:ROSE TYLER by S-von-P
Doctor Who - DOOMSDAY by dronioDoctor Who - Parting of Ways by strawberryginaCompanion by GeinenRose and The Doctor by wiccawitchthe Doctor and Rose by taintedsilence
The Doctor's Rose by sevgrlxThe Doctor and Rose by LyvyanRose Doctor Who Print by Hodges-Art: Billie Piper -Rose Tyler-: by SJWoodThe Doctor and Companion by RandySiplon
Rose Sepianess...thing. by Girl-on-the-MoonRose Tyler by MoShmoeDW- Listen to your hearts by Noe-IzumiBad Wolf Rose Tyler by csgirlRose Tyler by TerryBlas

Martha Jones
MARTHA JONES by S-von-PMartha Jones by Theta-XiCharity Martha - Painter IX by Girl-on-the-Moon:thumb116809754:Coffee Doctor Who -- Martha by howvery--blue
Martha Jones by kateswSmith and Jones - Take 2 by HueVilleDOCTOR WHO series 3 by grantgoboom

Donna Noble
The Doctor and Donna by siniartDonna Noble - Painter IX by Girl-on-the-MoonDoctor Who by SplittingadamsDonna Noble by ONTVCoffee Doctor Who -- Donna by howvery--blue
:thumb141841644:Donna Noble by syccasPartners In Crime by catandcrown

Sarah-Jane Smith
:thumb141741714:Sarah Jane and The Doctor by TimedancerCompanions - Sarah Jane Smith by Marker-MistressDoctor Who - Sarah Jane Smith by caldwellartMy Sarah Jane by MJasonReed
:thumb49270061:Dr Who- Elisabeth Sladen by Alene

Other Companions
Peri by TimedancerNyssa by TimedancerRomana II by ONTVPeri by ONTVCompanions - Zoe Harriot by Marker-Mistress
Dr Who- Katy Manning by AleneLeela by JanjyGiggins

:pointr:The Tardis


:pointr:The Daleks


:pointr:The Master








Doctor Who FTW!!! :headbang: