A Marble For Xmas

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By Golubaja
Marbles, orbs, spheres... One of the most amazing ways to show what Fractal Art can do.
And so in theme with Christmas!
This awesome genre of Fractal Art really deserves a specific feature article, so there you go.
Among the tons of awesome marbles on dA, it was very hard to choose the ones to feature here. So, stay tuned, cuz probably a Part II will follow this article. ;)

By the way, among the following featured artists, you'll find some great marble masters.


:iconzoofractals: & :iconzooreka:

Pure Gold by Jimpan1973 Ton of bricks by Jimpan1973 Reflections from Marbleland by Jimpan1973 Space Bubbles by Jimpan1973
Spiral of alien origin by Jimpan1973 Happy New Year by Jimpan1973 Coppermarbles by Jimpan1973 More marbles for the people by Jimpan1973
My collection of marbles by Jimpan1973 Glassmarbles by Jimpan1973 Keep on rollin' by Jimpan1973 Magician's marble by Jimpan1973
Where's my pink marble? by Jimpan1973 Bouncer by Jimpan1973

Gift Box Marble - Poinsettia by Velvet--Glove Advent by Velvet--Glove Victorian Christmas by Velvet--Glove Gift Box Marble - Echoes by Velvet--Glove
Gift Box Marble - Royal Orb by Velvet--Glove Gift Box Marble - Summer by Velvet--Glove Gift Box Marble - Parade by Velvet--Glove Gift Box Marble-Filigree Fancy by Velvet--Glove
Gift Box Marble - Autumn by Velvet--Glove Gift Box Marble - Spring by Velvet--Glove Gift Box Marble - Winter by Velvet--Glove Gift Box Marble-Festive Spirit by Velvet--Glove
Gift Box Marble-Blooming by Velvet--Glove Marble 01 by Velvet--Glove Gift Box Marble-Flaming Hearts by Velvet--Glove Gift Box Marble - Night Sky by Velvet--Glove

Astral by magnusti78 My Vintage Christmas by magnusti78
My Marble by magnusti78 Flowery Christmas II by magnusti78 Tribute by magnusti78 Carve Me  A Julian II by magnusti78

Ring of Sauron by Rykk Tron 2 by Rykk Easy Like Sunday Morning by Rykk Swan Song 2 by Rykk
Silmarillion by Rykk
Tunnel of Love by Rykk Coven by Rykk Rose Petal Surprise by Rykk Chip 'n Dale by Rykk
Galadriel's Muse by Rykk Soul Seed by Rykk Animus Pompeii by Rykk Twenty Thousand Leagues by Rykk

The Magician by Omron Struck by Lightning by Omron Bouncing Around by Omron Last of the Summer Flowers by Omron




Dragon Egg Embryo by FracFx Dragon Planet by FracFx Planetary by FracFx

Beautiful World by NatalieKelsey fairest blossom by NatalieKelsey Worlds Within Worlds by NatalieKelsey

Feather Marble by Rhiannon104 Solitude II by Rhiannon104 Inside Your Heaven by Rhiannon104 Pink Delight II by Rhiannon104

Celestial by titiavanbeugen -Dreamworld- by titiavanbeugen This Time Of Year by titiavanbeugen Dreamworld II by titiavanbeugen

Dichotomy Pie by milleniumsentry Preservation by milleniumsentry Eye Atomic by milleniumsentry

Aurora Noel by Quellist Simple 3-D by Quellist Binary Blizzard by Quellist

Red Sphere by Direct2Brain New York  World by Direct2Brain Poker World by Direct2Brain Alien Sphere by Direct2Brain
Grid Marble by Direct2Brain Metal World by Direct2Brain

Harlekin by Brigitte-Fredensborg Schneekugel by Brigitte-Fredensborg Voyager by Brigitte-Fredensborg Relaxation by Brigitte-Fredensborg
Evening Marble by Brigitte-Fredensborg Chocolate Marble by Brigitte-Fredensborg Spring Time Marble by Brigitte-Fredensborg

Assemblage by schooner110 The Mask by schooner110 Super Bulb by schooner110 Window by schooner110

Golden Moon by Yenkoff Amber Ball by Yenkoff Merry Christmas by Yenkoff Looking for Life by Yenkoff
Water Jewel for Lara by Yenkoff Blue Magma by Yenkoff Space Explorer by Yenkoff Bola Floral by Yenkoff

Golden Orb of Zimron by deloulark H U S H by deloulark Bumpy Ride by deloulark

Yellow Brick Road by Kabuchan:thumb84759593::thumb75179633::thumb99248024:
Layered Sphere by Kabuchan

Sweethearts by Layla-Rose Yuletide Past by Layla-Rose Celestial Body by Layla-Rose Checkmate by Layla-Rose
Sphere Of Faial by Layla-Rose Gumdrop by Layla-Rose Cosmos by Layla-Rose

Marbleized Etching No 9 by YarNor Aztec Gnarl by YarNor Borg Mutant Egg by YarNor Buttons Orb No 109 by YarNor

marble 3 by Lucy--C liquid fireworks by Lucy--C Inferno by Lucy--C for Lorrie by Lucy--C

Siblings by lauratyler Intent by lauratyler Soul Cell by lauratyler Strategy by lauratyler

Marbles from various artists' collections:

-Seducing- by silwenka -Gnarl-geous- by silwenka Florabis by Mignon Apop and Sphere 2 by Mignon
Harmony Trap by silverb Proteas Dream World by silverb The Icon by LaPurr:thumb92667874:
Flaming Golfballs of Death by Shortgreenpigg Golden Disco Ball by Shortgreenpigg:thumb65226248::thumb70824371:
Mirror by Xantipa2 Fragile...A by Xantipa2 quilted reality by philsh try by philsh
Green 'N Blue by Cursed-OS Galactic Conqueror by Brigitte-Fredensborg Dangerous Toy by NilNilNil Ultraverse by globalpuffer
Yvette by GypsyH Entwined World by Gygrazok Amanda by Gibson125 Slight Purple Glow by Gibson125
Twilight by LilyasGaia, The Earth Mother by laurengaryThinking of Summer by LadyLyonnesse4-20 v1 by karma4ya
Alien Ovuum by psion005Migratory Flight by one-tough-oneCandy: Cream and Blood by FractalEuphoriaVista of Heavenly Jewels by AnnaKirsten
Infosity by SalHunter:thumb71847034:Ironic Muse by SelfMadeQueenPerla Argento by sci-clone
:thumb64723821:Oriental Fantasia by AnnaKirstenXion by ouT-PhazeThe Arctic Sphere by GoldenLordFreeza
Xmas Marbles by kingniloOma's Pin Cushion by baba49Cause And Effect by penny5775The Orb by Zueuk
Mobius Marble by Hawke-EyeMy Marbles by uncubitodehielo88Fractal Embryo by tonycadeSierpinski in a bubble by Spamkiller
Etched Sphere by nightmares06Mystic orbes by hmnEyeglass by neonrauschenGems in the Rockpile by SuicideBySafetyPin
Springloaded by bluesman219March Marvels 51 by Kattvinge:thumb98078596:Brooch by mahaon
A Fractal Leak by justravelinExpansion by IDeviantWaves of Passion by HallonnieKekalris by Hadarniel
Divination by genlisaeFreedom for the Bubbles by gabiwModern interior decoration by gabiwDusk by frchblndy
Orb III by FarDareisMaiGordian Knot by faded-inkDying Planet by faded-inkConnotative Manifestations by f--l--A--r--k
captive rose by evilpjBlue Ball Transformation by djeaton3162Equilibrium by rougeuxBlue Sky Orb by Colliemom
Marble7-part of a WIP by cmptrwhzWaffled Marble by cmptrwhzplanet papalla by clarissafillerun altro mondo by clarissafiller
Pearl Island by AmorinaAshtonMarbled Daisies by AmorinaAshton:thumb73376489::thumb74476162:
High End Marble by bandit4edu:thumb80094936:The Family by ArtistInWaitingNeptune's Orb by globalpuffer
U-172 by aleisaBorg DeathStar by StarTrekOmegaPriceless Gem by obeyyourmasterMarble For Travii by LonesomeFaery
:thumb81624910:Marble 1 by WyrdWolfVelvet Tears Marble by HarleyBlissMerkurius Surface Marble by Kattvinge
Festive Marble by RadioWonderFirst Marble by RadioWonderKeltic Knot Marble by cmptrwhzcrazy marble by evilpj
My First Marble by HarleyBlissTogether by FunygrlRefracted Fractal - Duo by justravelin4598 Contextual 190 by AndreiPavel
Sonne by Espiroth:thumb64658846:Spring Marble by WyrdWolfMarble - 8 by GypsyH

And some marbles from my own gallery too:
Mobius Orb by GolubajaCrackled Marble by GolubajaGift Art - Orb Of Happiness by GolubajaJulian Orb by Golubaja
Gnarble 3 by GolubajaApo Marble by GolubajaMarble 2 by GolubajaMarble 1 by Golubaja
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