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Pistil and Stamen - Fahleen

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  • Full Name: Fahleen Adani
  • Age: 24
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: 125
  • Occupation: Host
  • Flower: Orchid
  • Personality: A smug little shit. He loves to tease people and get his way, and he REALLY loves his wine. Despite this, he cares deeply for the brothel and for his fellow workers and is highly protective of them all, especially the madam. 
  • History: Originally from a far-away desert colony, he was brought up by wealthy, but very strict and religious parents. He clashed with his parents constantly, only truly getting along with and loving his younger brother, Amon. However, as he grew older, his parents' patience with him grew shorter. Eventually they had a huge falling out, and he was disowned. He ran away on the first ship off-planet, and six months later he arrived at Dione. Luckily for him, he wasn't alone for long before he met Jaya, who recruited him into the brothel. He's lived there ever since.
  • F-List Link:… (18+ only link!)
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Fahleen is hair goals, goodness gracious. And what a wonderful outfit, your art is so lovely!