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Today I took a photo of my father's friends and instead of "cheese" they said "crisis" X'D
One U$D was worth around $ 30 (pesos) in Argentina a couple days ago.
Today it rose to $40.
We're going down bruh :iconwoodyrapefaceplz:
Thank God. Life won in Argentina!
My country may be shit in many things, but at least the heart of the people is in the right place.
Omg I can't believe we made iiiit TT__TT
I am told our annual inflation is a monstruosity for most countries.
So here is a little peek into my newspaper for my dear first world friends:
My country's currency dropped by a whooping 20% this week.
And it already did so two months ago.
Yaaay saving in Argentina means nothiiing!

Seriously, five years ago a pizza with a beer was worth $27.
Now it's $175 without the beer.
And all my life this "price evolution" was normal to me.
Knowing there are economies with a 5% rise in prices or less per YEAR is pretty much a bummer for me.
So yeah go die in a ditch you greener-grass countries.
So this sunday, the dude was up and selling his handkerchiefs like the last time.

This time I went straight to him, said hello to each other, shaked hands.
I let him go back to his unsuccesful sales.

As I was hoping, after a while he scowled again and said:

"I don't get people. Do they think God is going to open them the gates to Heaven if they ignore me?"

To which I answered that people don't ignore hm with malicious intent, that that's just the easiest way to react to his pleads. That they were not actively hitting him or throwing tomatoes at his face, but instead they do simply and plainly nothing, and they didn't know how much did that hurt him.

He somehow agreed with me but not too much and went back to his thing.
After a while he said:

"I don't get people."

To which I smiled and said "Me neither.".

"You know, I've been in prison for eight years."

I was surprised and asked him why.

"For homicide. And I changed a lot from then. Before I went to prison I'd have beaten the shit out of this people without giving a care."

I told him that good for him and asked him if he had good mates there.

"No, no good mates. In prison it's everyone for themselves, no trust, no friends. I ended up there for killing my father."

"I found him raping my sister."

"I don't regret killing him."

I opened my eyes wide.
Then I told him that lots of people would kill for way less, that it didn't sound weird to me at all not to regret something like that.
I then told him that in the Old Testament, during the Exodus, Moises's laws gave death sentences for less. People were sentenced to death for fucking an animal.

He listened and then told me:

"You know how much did Moises live?"

I told him that I didn't know, but he probably lived like 200 years because everyone in the Old Testament seemed to live forever.

"120 years. See? I read the bible too."

It looked like the conversation would go on but then my father stepped in, said hi to him, shaked hands, smiled and told him he was sorry to interrupt but we had to leave.

Then we bade each other farewell and I left.


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"Give me frogs, I'll give you gold"


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PegasusJedi Featured By Owner May 9, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist

Hope you're having a super fantabulously amazing day! ^v^

Here I even got you a cake plus one pink pony Fluffle Puff: *Pet pet* Birthday cake  icon 
GolliatTaillog Featured By Owner May 10, 2018
It was a nice day, thanks man!
Dedalo-el-Hispano Featured By Owner May 9, 2018
Ey, hoy es tu cumpleaños! Feliz día!
Me hubiera gustado prepararte algo pero voy muy liado con todo, espero que me perdones la vida... XD

Pues esto, un año más que pasa, un año más que viene.
GolliatTaillog Featured By Owner May 9, 2018
Me basta con que hayas nombrado Goliat al monje.

¡Gracias hombre!
Sneshny Featured By Owner May 9, 2018  Professional Artist
Still pretty mad that our birthdays are literally 1 day apart.

Happy birthday mate.
GolliatTaillog Featured By Owner May 9, 2018
What? Seriously?
Is yours tomorrow or was it yesterday?

Thanks man!
Sneshny Featured By Owner May 9, 2018  Professional Artist
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Hey Katy!
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