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Thriller comic: Roommate P 2

My Phase 2 submission to the :iconevo-obsessed-club: and :iconthebrotherhoodclub: OC Tournament. Drawn in ink, adjusted Adobe Photoshop and arranged in Adobe InDesign. I may finish coloring them in Adobe Photoshop if I have the time.

I know the assignment was only the mission, but I couldn't resist adding some roommate friction. Both animatedG1 and I felt that Thriller/Issac Flynn and Grey Force/Mello Simmons would not get along. At all. I got the feeling that Simmons was serious, territorial, and not a big talker. Flynn, on the other hand, is playful, social, and melodramatic. There is also the class barrier. Simmons is from the streets and doesn't value material possessions, while Flynn is an upper middle class family and loves things especially movies. His two bags and box of stuff is full of clothes, costumes, and DVDs that he accumulated while working with a thief and con man before Mystique recruited him.

Originally Flynn was going to run into the force field a second time after thinking Mello was joking, but I ran out of room.

Cerebro Profile:
Battle uniform:
Repeating Mirror Meme:
Snowflake 2011:
Snowflake 2014:

"Power Discovery," page 1:
“Power Discovery,” page 2:
"Roommate assignment," page 1:
"Roommate assignment," page 2:
"First mission," page 1:
"First mission," page 2:
"First mission," page 3:
"First mission," page 4:
"First mission," page 5:
"First mission," page 6:
“Protest,” Page 1 (of 12):
“PowR8 Mayhem,” Page 1 (of 8):
“Sentinels Attack!” Page 1 (of 13):

Characters seen in comics:
Thriller/Issac Flynn was created by me - Goldylokz.
Grey Force/Mello Simmons was created by animatedG1.
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HA! I can't believe I missed this, I really need to get on the ball of things. I love this comic so I will favorite it! Anywho, you made Mello so handsome in your style, I might get the chance to draw something like this too. Maybe we can roleplay sometime?