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Thriller comic: Protest p1

My Phase 3 submission to the :iconevo-obsessed-club: and :iconthebrotherhoodclub: OC Tournament. Drawn in ink, adjusted Adobe Photoshop and arranged in Adobe InDesign. I may finish coloring them in Adobe Photoshop if I have the time.

Phase 3 Mission: Rent movies. Easy right? Not when they come across an Anti-Mutant Protest (or Human Safety Rally) and Fred Dukes aka The Blob freaks out. Can the team stop the Immovable before the authorities do?

It is dusk. I couldn't find a place to mention it in the script, but if I color it, you'll know. Apparently this protest is such a happening place, they are stretching it out into the night. I hope they have enough cookies.

MetaLatias5 gave me the German and its translation.

Cerebro Profile:
Battle uniform:
Repeating Mirror Meme:
Snowflake 2011:
Snowflake 2014:

"Power Discovery," page 1 (of 2):
"Roommate assignment," page 1 (of 2):
"First mission," page 1 (of 6):
“Protest,” Page 1:
“Protest,” Page 2:
“Protest,” Page 3:
“Protest,” Page 4:
“Protest,” Page 5:
“Protest,” Page 6:
“Protest,” Page 7:
“Protest,” Page 8:
“Protest,” Page 9:
“Protest,” Page 10:
“Protest,” Page 11:
“Protest,” Page 12:
“PowR8 Mayhem,” Page 1 (of 8):
“Sentinels Attack!” Page 1 (of 13):

Characters seen in comics:
Thriller/Issac Flynn and the Officers were created by me - Goldylokz.
Red Scarf/Jennifer Seitz and her dog Nicki were created by MetaLatias5.
Evanesce/Dru Stillwell was created by Cold-Creature.
The Blob/Fred Dukes was created by people at Marvel.
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Thriller's taste in movies earns him a giant, golden star. I would put my faith in him to rent movies any day of the week. (Though, he needs a thorough education about how animation can be glorious.)