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Thriller: Sentinels Attack p1

My Phase 5 submission to the :iconevo-obsessed-club: and :iconthebrotherhoodclub: OC Tournament.

Theme, attempt 2.

Heads drawn in ink, colored and everything else in Adobe Photoshop, then arranged in Adobe InDesign. I'll add more detail and color as I get the time.

Phase 5 Mission: See, Mr.Spear, the owner of the PowR8 building and drink line, was unamused by the destruction perpetrated on his building. So unamused, in fact, he called in a favor from one, Boliviar Trask. That's right. Sentinels. And not just one sentinel, either, nooo. That would be too easy. FOUR sentinels.

As luck would have it, these monstrous metal man-droids have caught the kids away from their respective bases, on the mean streets of Bayville, without anyway of contacting their Team Leaders (the X-men or the Brotherhood). Additionally, they seem to be herding them. Towards what? Who knows... The only thing clear is that for some reason, these Sentinels are bent on CAPTURE instead of KILL. Will your kids escape?

Cerebro Profile:
Battle uniform:
Repeating Mirror Meme:
Snowflake 2011:
Snowflake 2014:

"Power Discovery," page 1 (of 2):
"Roommate assignment," page 1 (of 2):
"First mission," page 1 (of 6):
“Protest,” Page 1 (of 12):
“PowR8 Mayhem,” Page 1 (of 8):
“Sentinels Attack!” Page 1 (of 13):
“Sentinels Attack!” Page 2:
“Sentinels Attack!” Page 3:
“Sentinels Attack!” Page 4:
“Sentinels Attack!” Page 5:
“Sentinels Attack!” Page 6:
“Sentinels Attack!” Page 7:
“Sentinels Attack!” Page 8:
“Sentinels Attack!” Page 9:
“Sentinels Attack!” Page 10:
“Sentinels Attack!” Page 11:
“Sentinels Attack!” Page 12:
“Sentinels Attack!” Page 13:

Characters seen in comics:
Thriller/Issac Flynn was created by me :) Goldylokz.
Grey-Force/Mello Simmons was created by animatedG1.
Imagica/Becca Monroe was created by arger.
Evanesce/Dru Stillwell was created by Cold-Creature.
Gravedigger/Zeik Anderson was created by Dice1317 and animay0.

Sentinel's are Marvel's and whoevers else.
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