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Thriller: Pow-R8 Mayhem p4

My Phase 4 submission to the :iconevo-obsessed-club: and :iconthebrotherhoodclub: OC Tournament. Heads drawn in ink, colored and everything else in Adobe Photoshop, then arranged in Adobe InDesign. I'll add more detail and color as I get the time.

Phase 4 Mission:
“The Brotherhood has taken eight of their finest Hoodlings on a little practice mission. The old Power 8 factory stands alone in a vacant lot; a mere sinister shell of it's former self. Why waste the real estate, right? The Brotherhood has begun to direct their Hoodlings to start the demolition process. Time to tear this private property to the ground, send a big "up yours" Mr. Spear's way, and give their Hoodlings a chance to vent that ever-encouraged destructive spirit.

“Everyone knows that it's the telepath's creed and responsibility to not go into other people's heads. But just like when you overhear a conversation on the bus, SOMETIMES telepaths overhear certain hood's nefarious delinquent plans, and, well- someone has to keep them in line. Gathering up some of their more ready New Recruits, the X-men have headed down to the old Power 8 factory to make sure the Brotherhood isn't giving mutants everywhere a bad name.

“Upon arrival at the factory, the X-Men discover the Brotherhood and their new lackies are already well on their way to destroying the factory. There isn't a moment to lose! The New Recruits aren't ready to face the Brotherhood yet and so they have been instructed to stop the Hoodlings, while the X-Men handle their familar foes.

Team 2: Chemical Mixing
Full of old vats and plenty of pipes, the mixing room was the heart of the plant, before they shut down. Though most of the vats are now empty (health code reasons, don'tchaknow), there could always be a leaky ceiling somewhere that could have re-filled a vat with nasty old rain water. Plus: residue chemicals? Gross. Maybe they don't hurt when they're not mixed together, but do you really want to take that chance?

I never noticed Click having an English accent in the Noob comics, but I felt that since he grew up in English boarding schools, he'd have one and an affinity for the country. I could be totally wrong too.

I tried my best to make the vat look like it was rolling. Hopefully I succeeded. If not, trust me, it is rolling.

Cerebro Profile:
Battle uniform:
Repeating Mirror Meme:
Snowflake 2011:
Snowflake 2014:

"Power Discovery," page 1 (of 2):
"Roommate assignment," page 1 (of 2):
"First mission," page 1 (of 6):
“Protest,” Page 1 (of 12):
“PowR8 Mayhem,” Page 1 (of 8):
“PowR8 Mayhem,” Page 2:
“PowR8 Mayhem,” Page 3:
“PowR8 Mayhem,” Page 4:
“PowR8 Mayhem,” Page 5:
“PowR8 Mayhem,” Page 6:
“PowR8 Mayhem,” Page 7:
“PowR8 Mayhem,” Page 8:
“Sentinels Attack!” Page 1 (of 13):

Characters seen in comics:
Thriller/Issac Flynn was created by me :) Goldylokz.
Tazer/Sabrina Soto was created by Gothicthundra.
Antimatter/Ava Richter was created by EquilibriumArts.
Click/Edgar Ryda was created by ThePast.
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