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Cerebro File: Thriller

My hasty submission to the :iconevo-obsessed-club: and :iconthebrotherhoodclub: OC Tournament. I'm currently working 40+ hours a week and have no scanner, colored pencils, or time to work on it in photoshop. I got my sketches in by taking photos with my phone. Special, but it's in.

I don't know why I want to participate so bad that I'd submit such shoddy work, but, eh, I do.

I rescanned my sketches, added one, and colored a few, but overall much better. Those two in the comic that are still yellowed didn't scan well. I'll try again later.

Colored in Adobe Photoshop, arranged in Adobe InDesign.

Cerebro Profile:
Battle uniform:
Repeating Mirror Meme:
Snowflake 2011:
Snowflake 2014:

"Power Discovery," page 1 (of 2):
"Roommate assignment," page 1 (of 2):
"First mission," page 1 (of 6):
“Protest,” Page 1 (of 12):
“PowR8 Mayhem,” Page 1 (of 8):
“Sentinels Attack!” Page 1 (of 13):

Color sketches to come. Also more "power discovery comic" and battle uniform.

Until then here's a run-down of Thriller in color and story:
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown
Skin: Brown
Favorite color: Red
Other: Loves hats and sunglasses. Easily distracted by shiny things.

As first shown in the comic, Issac first became aware of his powers while at a rehearsal for the school play, Arsenic and Old Lace. Another player gets distracted and hits Issac with a ladder, shooting an eyeball from his head. Although no longer physically attached, he can still see from his eye.

The paramedics were called, but after they told Issac his eye could not go back in, he starts talking with his hands and, low and behold, a new eye had regenerated in its place.

The EMTs were pissed and called the cops. Issac's grandmother comes to the station to retrieve him, while scolding him for acting up when his parents leave on business. She also tells him to stop playing around with sticking hair all over him for drama class.

Later that night, Issac hears his grandmother shouting in her nightmares. He goes down to comfort her, but when she wakes up, she sees only a hairy monster. After beating Issac with whatever she found handy in her room, Issac realizes that he is covered in fur. Meanwhile, his grandmother found and loaded his grandfather's old shotgun. Issac escapes.

He heads to his friend Eliza's apartment she shares with her over-protective single father. They talk about what's going on and several plans, but her father realizes there is a boy in the house when Issac leaves the toilet seat up. He is chased off from yet another home.

Eventually Issac finds work with a con man and thief entering peoples homes as service workers and taking surveillance when Mystique finds him.
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Just as a quick note (nothing that will bar you from the contest at all!), you might want to write the colors of your character's hair, skin, eyes, clothes, etc down since everything's in black and white. It will make things more difficult for people who are creating color comics to include your character if your OC doesn't have any color information. :D
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Thanks, done and done.
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Niiiice~! He's gonna be an interesting fella!
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Thriller XD Okay, the pose there is pretty dang sweet, who doesn't love that video? This is a really original character, and I completely love his power! And useful, too.

Goldylokz's avatar
OMG! ROFL! I never thought of pranking with his power like that! I don't know why. Oh, you have opened a whole new window of ideas for me :)
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Not shoddy! (Mine is shoddy! The comic is especially sloppy/rushed.) It's actually very good, though I don't quite understand he could have a full beard at such a young age (Unless that's shadow and I'm not looking at it right.) Creepy power, reminds me of those people I saw online who can make their eyes extend from their head. Great job!
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Oooh freaky, I like that! Good luck in the tournament!
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