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Welcome to GA!


Hello and welcome to Golds-Adoptables~
We are a group that focuses on adoptables and commissions of all types. Come join us and share the fun!
Join requests are automatically accepted :heart:


Be sure to read the Group Rules

Group Rules:new: 1/10/18 Revised some of the rules with some more detailed clarifications, give them another read before submitting~
:bulletyellow: Your deviation title MUST have a status.
If you don't have it, the admins will decline your submission from the group.
E.g. Put "Open"  or "1/2 Open" on the deviation's title.
This also applies to bases and linearts, they must have "P2U" of they're pay-to-use and  "F2U" if they're free-to-use on the title or at least on the image, in order to be accepted.
:bulletyellow: Please submit to the correct folder. - Click here for Folder Guide
Prices, as well as any and all types of payment you accept must be mentioned in the description. If your description only has prices in one type of currency we will redirect you to the currency-specific folder or ask you to update your description.
If you're not sure where to submit, please ask -<a href="">
GA F.A.Q.Little Golden Star Frequently asked questions/clarifications. Little Golden Star 
1. Why was my deviation removed from the group since it's still open, and how can I resubmit?
2. CREDITS: What resources do I need to credit and how do I give credit correctly.
3. What counts as "Mature" and should have a filter?

4. My adopt was pending, why did it get removed from the group?
5. Where do Offer To Adopt (OTA) adopts go?

6. Where do pre-made objects/prints and crafts go?
7. Where do stock image


Useful Links

GA - Help DeskHow can DA help you?How can DA help you?How can DA help you? 
 Hello dear members ^^ Under this journal you can ask our admins for assistance
in case you have any issues with submissions or anything else in the group
Just comment below and one of our admins will reply to you asap~
Tangerine Orb Tangerine Orb Tangerine Orb
Star! New to the adopt world or unsure what to put in a deviation you want to sell? Star!
I took the time and put together a Submission Template for any of you that might need a guide as to what to put in a deviation to make it not only more correct for submission to groups, but also, more appealing to customers.
Here it is:

No need for credits, just g
Ad Hub - Paid FeaturesLily: Art Feature Lily: Art Feature Lily: Art Feature
Paid Features!

You want to gain more exposure and traffic in your profile and deviations?
How about getting featured on the profile and journal of a group with more than 17000 members?
Golds-Adoptables is now offering paid profile and journal features!
For a small fee you can have your icon and deviations displayed on the front page of  the group~
Tangerine Orb Tangerine Orb Tangerine Orb 
:star: Available Features :star:
:bulletyellow: Icon Feature: 5 :points:/ week
(Your icon is featured on our Special Features widget on the front page of the group.)
:bulletyellow: Folder Feature: 10 :points:/deviation/week
(Your deviation is added to the group's Favouri


Folder Guide

Gold Arrow Left by kayosa-stock Featured
You cannot submit here. Reserved for admins' choice, contest entries and mascot art.
Gold Arrow Left by kayosa-stock Mods Adoptables
Special feature for our admins' adopts as a reward for all their hard work :heart:
Gold Arrow Left by kayosa-stock Real Currency Adoptables
Adopts sold for real money only. No matter the type of adopt, if it is only sold for any kind of real currency, it goes here.
Gold Arrow Left by kayosa-stock Point Adoptables
Adopts sold for points only. No matter the type of adopt, if it is only sold for points, it goes here.
Gold Arrow Left by kayosa-stock Mixed Payment Adoptables
Adopts sold for more than one type of currency. No matter the type of adopt, if it you accept more than one types of currency or a mix of them (points, money, art, characters etc) for it, it goes here.
Gold Arrow Left by kayosa-stock Auction Adoptables
If it's an auction, regardless of payment type, it goes here unless it's a YCH.
Gold Arrow Left by kayosa-stock Trade Adoptables
Adopts traded for art, customs, other adopts, characters, codes etc. This includes OTA that accept art as primary payment (not as an add-on only).
Gold Arrow Left by kayosa-stock Free Folder: Contest, Raffles, MYO, DTA, WTA
Contest announcements, raffles (art or adopts), Draw-To-Adopt (DTA), Write-To-Adopt (WTA), Make-Your-Own (MYO) announcements, free adoptables and free resources go here.
Gold Arrow Left by kayosa-stock Open YCH
Any type of YCH (Your Character Here) templates that are OPEN go here. Do not submit finished YCH in this folder, they go to "Finished Commissions". Auction YCH go to this folder as well.
If your YCH has unlimited slots, make sure to write it in the description or the title.
Gold Arrow Left by kayosa-stock Commission Advertising
Commission IDs and announcements (deviation or journal) go here. Custom character/item ads can go here too. Custom craft and real objects commission ads go here as well.
Gold Arrow Left by kayosa-stock Purges and Resells
Character and adopt purge and resell sheets with multiple adopts and multiple payment options go here.
If the sale is only for points or only for money it goes on the respective payment option folder.
Gold Arrow Left by kayosa-stock Bases and Linearts
Bases and linearts offered for commissions and adopts, both Pay-To-Use (P2U) and Free-To-Use (F2U), go here. Make sure to write "P2U" or "F2U" in the title or the image.
Gold Arrow Left by kayosa-stock Species trait and ref sheets
Reference Sheets and Trait Guides of Open or Closed original species go here.
Gold Arrow Left by kayosa-stock Finished Commissions
Finished commissions, finished YCH, extra adopt art, revealed mystery adopts and finished customs and art trades go here. Do not post personal art here. It is only for commissioned and traded art.
Gold Arrow Left by kayosa-stock Seeking Artists Journals
All journals about seeking/looking for art, adopts, customs, art trades, collabs etc. go here.

There is also a list of allowed deviation types, inside each folder

Gallery Folders

[#03Left]Fyteliya-#02,#03[AUCTION OPEN] by AloNiar
[OPEN] Western Autumn Diety by FKDemetri
(OPEN) Zhuarsfrelia Adoptable #01 AUCTION by Laxzear
[OPEN] The master of martial art and acupuncture by FluffyUfu
Halloween Fest
YCH HALLOWEEN 3.0 [close] by kohakuasato
[Open] Candycorn Werewolf by MenaceRat
[CLOSED]Billowing Smoke by Koitsune
Kimono Witch adoptable #45 [closed ty!!] by PuddingzZ
Real Currency Adopts
Fruit Bloom Batch: OPEN [$6 Each] by GazeCreative
(4\4 OPEN) HUMANOID ADOPTABLES by aeternoria
Demon Boys :  Set price Open 3/3 by CqshonTouch
[OPEN 1/4] More Shiba Delinquents by neonUFO
Point Adoptables
[3/3 OPEN] Paint Horse Designs by FreyasAdoptables
Outfit Adopt 03 Open 15 points 2/3 by MrsPlay
[2/2 OPEN] Paint Horse Adopts by FreyasAdoptables
[Open Adopts] Crystoggo Batch OPEN 1/3 by DualJewels
Mixed Payment Adoptables
100 Adopt challenge!  1-6 ( OTA OPEN!) by GeomonLover
Artic Cookie adopt  (OPEN) by random-ftw
+.Pokemon Fusions 2/3 OPEN.+ by PumpkinSpic3
[OTA] TV Heads [OPEN 3/3] by CrownedMango
Auction Adoptables
Pony Adopt 1/2 - OPEN by LupulRafinat
[OPEN] Cosmos Magus | PAYPAL AUCTION by CharonsChildren
[Adopt #01] Bunny Girl Adoptable ~ OPEN AUCTION by sierotte
(OPEN) AUCTION Chibi Fallen angels(1/2) by Deadclub-Adopt
Trade Adoptables
Very random furry adoptable OTA - Open by Miyunn
YCH 1 and 2 - OPEN!! 1 slot left by Azymations
YCH [OPEN] Winter Winds 12$ for a slot by witchwant
YCH Auction 8 [OPEN] by sonisadopts
Xmas Ornament YCH -OPEN- by Nerdy-pixel-girl
Purges and Resells
Resell ONLY! 30% off until next week! OPEN by Kai-SpaceToki
Bases and Linearts
Free  Adoptable Base  Chibi Fae Gal by lady-cybercat
Species trait and ref sheets
Scribbles Species Sheet! [Open Species] by Silriolu
Finished Commissions
Armored Dress (Custom Outfit) by 96-Adopts
Full 2
assorted adopts - OPEN by sutorumie
[OPEN 2/2] Fox Elementals Adopts by WBadoptables
Cat Adopt With Art (OPEN) by 1-800-ADOPT


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Flower Divider by SpottedCrows

Hello everyone! It's been a while and this feature is a little delayed but unfortunately I had very serious computer issues; in short, it died and until I replaced it and set up the new one, it was impossible to function normally on dA, but good news, I have a new one so here we go!

Teeny-Tiny Pumpkin - F2U! The super extra delayed Halloween Feature! Here are some cool picks from our Halloween folder Teeny-Tiny Pumpkin - F2U! 

(1\4 OPEN) ANGEL DEMON ADOPTABLES by aeternoria   Kimono Witch adoptable #45 [closed ty!!] by PuddingzZ  Outfit Adoptable (Auction) #85 CLOSE!!! (VAULT) by Tychees  Outfit Adoptable (Auction) #86 CLOSE!!! (VAULT) by Tychees  Wizard cats adopt AUCTION[CLOSED] by opi-um [OPEN] PUMPKIN GIRL#01 by Afternoonnn[auction] October Fysaera Adopts 3 [closed] by Chance-To-Draw Halloween Monster Adoptables 2 [Open! Set Price!] by GenericUserName3454Adoptables MIX 00004 2018 (CLOSED) by thehades Eteri Halloween Adopt: Trick or Treat (OPEN!) by ShemeiArt  ORIEL[OPEN] ADOPT!! FIXED PRICE by GrowLegends  Adopt Vamp [OPEN] by Umanig  [OPEN] REVERIE DOLL: Witch Collection I by QueenofReveries  (OPEN 1/3)Adoptables 5 by TomoeOtohime  07: nature u scary [OPEN/SET] by Grandiasa  Egg Adoptables 02 - OPEN- by Julkkuli  Adoptable - Set  Halloween [Open -auction] by RabbitEve

And here are the regular features for this month:

Star! October's features Star!

 Featured artists:  :icontskaa: :iconsnarkymage:  :icon96-adopts: :iconexeidur: :icondragonarya7: :iconkornderia: :iconvenusrain: :iconyamilegendrider: :iconkassandra-21:

Arrow left  Open Commissions and YCH

~96-Adopts~ Commission Info -  (OPEN) by 96-Adopts  Summer Commissions Open!Commissions are open I've got some serious bills to get paid current ones that need to be taken care of are medical bills and student loans.
If you can't purchase but you're wanting to help a signal boost would be super fabulous about now! Thank you guys you all are awesome!
Please either note me or comment on here by filling out this form:
Type of art you'd like from my price list:
Detailed Description or Reference of the character you'd like drawn:
Pay pal or points:
If paying with pay pal please add your pay pal link so I can send an invoice.
For points I will open up a widget.

and please make sure you check out my TOS:

  Bust Commissions [OPEN!!!]I could use a bit of spare money and I also would love to draw more characters so for now, commissions are open!! 
1. Nothing NSFW
2. I reserve the right to refuse any commissions
3. I will not do anything with hate speech (lgbtphobic, racism, etc)
Pretty simple, since these are just bust commissions. 
100 :points: or 1 USD gets you a fully lined fully shaded traditional art bust like these

And for 200 :points: / 2 USD I'll add full color instead 
Note: If the design is super complicated (though I doubt it will be from the shoulders up) it might cost 100 :points: / 1 USD more 
  Chibi Commissions (OPEN) owoYoooo been awhile hasn't it? Welp, I think now's a pretty good time to start making some money (hopefully). So I'm opening some Chibi Commissions :D Pretty simple but if they do well I may open up more complex comms. (Keep in mind I just got done illustrating a book as well as doing a few complex irl commissions, I need to do some small things 8'D)

Cell Shade Chibi (yellow sample on the left): $1.25
Soft Shade Chibi (the brown and blue ones): $1.75
Simple backgrounds are free, but please specify if you want one because if you don't I'm just going to make it have no bg.
:bulletred: Furries. Animal ears/tails are fine though.
:bulletred: Porn. They're chibis it's not exactly appropriate.
:bulletred: Anything political.
All payments must be done through Paypal
Please check my Terms of Service before purchasing ---> 
I will send the ToS during the arrangement, sorry

Arrow left Open Adoptables:

Pride Dragonoids (4/4 OPEN) by VenusRain   [OPEN] [SETPRICE] Pocky day special adoptables by Kornderia [SetPrice] Adoptable 04 [OPEN] by Kornderia Adoptable 03 [OPEN] by Kornderia  Falinkubi Adopts - OPEN by VenusRain
[ Pixel ] tiny flower! [ Pixel ] tiny flower! [ Pixel ] tiny flower!

Arrow left Art features!

OC | C. Delani by Kornderia  CM | for Hector Vlad by Kornderia  [CM] for Kyria Lethe by Kornderia  Pui, The fertilizer bag by Kornderia  Cryptid Hunting by VenusRain  Candy Witch by VenusRain Vajra - Feoni by Exeidur Syranaea [GIF] by Exeidur Wrong Side of the Bed by snarkymage   Pink by snarkymage Dance With Me! by snarkymage Serenity by dragonarya7  Week #4: Jack-o-lantern by YamiLegendRider  Tasty by YamiLegendRider  Week #3: Some random morning in Hell by Kassandra-21

Arrow left Other Features

Arrow left Don't forget to take a look at our  Special Feature Artists and Groups! Arrow right 

[ Pixel ] tiny flower! [ Pixel ] tiny flower! [ Pixel ] tiny flower!

Want to be featured too? See how, in the link below:

[ Pixel ] tiny flower! [ Pixel ] tiny flower! [ Pixel ] tiny flower!

~~~~~~~   GA F.A.Q.   ~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~   Group Rules   ~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~   GA - Help Desk   ~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~   GA - Folder Guide   ~~~~~~~
 ~~~~~~~   Ad Hub - Paid Features   ~~~~~~~

Flower Divider by SpottedCrows
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