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"Vitality shows in not only the ability to persist but the ability to start over."
-F. Scott Fitzgerald

Autumn Adventures in HDR.

This photo can be downloaded and used as a practice file for my 3D Anaglyph Tutorial.

This photo may be used for practice purposes only. No commercial or distribution use is permitted. Thanks and enjoy!

3D Anaglyph Tutorial
Depth Map
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cool concept
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Thanks so much. I've been meaning to do more conceptual pieces like this one.
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Just saw this on HDR-Club! My first photo is up there too! I submitted my "Water-Escape" photo.
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I'm not sure I completely love the changes to this photo. The background looks really busy to me now... before it was softer and easier to see the "in focus" areas on the stump. If you like it better this way, then that's your call but, I kind of prefer the previous version.
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Happy medium accomplished. =)
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The main reason for the change is that I had a lot of comments from people not recognizing the cut tree and thus, not fully understanding the concept. If I can find some time, I might adjust the background to make it more subtle like it was.
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I like the added poems. Did you plant that acorn there or was it there by itself?
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I put it there. I've been trying to make more conceptual shots lately.
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very interesting adventure :D..
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tis cool, as usual:)
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:aww: Thanks! I've been trying a lot of new things technically and conceptually. Thanks for the continued support. :thanks:
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whatever keeps the fun in it:):)


i got one of my pictures, the red rose and grasshopper one, made into postcards and its amazing how well they look.

hey, go look on my journal and fill out the holiday card list, i would like to send you a holiday card, if thats okay. you dont have to though.

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