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Nice n Simple


Journal Skin for CalendarProject

Hey! Welcome to my third and final installment of journal skins for CP 2014! Man... compared to last year, this one was full of projects! ^__^ Fortunately, I had Nesmaty as an awesome partner for making this skin.

In my last entry, I submitted a rainbow skin with just a couple feature. In this one, the theme was black and white and so it'll have a lot of features.

Live Preview

Well... there's more features than this description can handle, so I made an extra little packet containing codes and instructions in case you would like to use them. Download it here.

I hope you enjoy the skin! Let me know what you think about this in the comments section and make sure to give your love to Nesmaty as well in the deviation below.
Nice n Simple Collab by Nesmaty

Background is by Pfefferminzchen
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Love the textureyness!  Great simple skin, I love minimalist and grey scale designs.
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Is it strange that I always want to eat textured looking things?  Mmmm, rust!  Oooo, canvas!  nom nom nom that wood grain so hard.
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Not really. Certainly, I don't feel like eating rust and moss (but I adore the smell of dirt on a rainy day), but I kinda have that same experience with food and textures. In fact, let me share a wonderful story with you! ^__^

There was one time where I was in a Chinese buffet. They have all kinds of interesting things, especially the desserts. I saw something that had this frosting texture and ooh it looked so delicious to eat. I tried it and I was really disappointed it was whipped cream... just a thin cookie-ish thingymajig full of whipped cream. Not what I wanted to eat. Never shall I eat one of those again and I just couldn't look at food texture the same way again. x3 Same goes with this dessert that looks like a brownie, but also turned out to be sugary cream of some sort.
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Some things are better imagined ;D  hahaha.  I worked at a chocolate shop, so many tasty textures!  :D  Happy New Year!
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Nice minimalist design!  I like!
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Lovely journal design! :love:
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Thank you very much! ^__^
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Thnx for this awesome collab!
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Thanks for accepting the collab!
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