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Goldfish Fancy Fins Watercolor

watercolors only
colors (WN): winsor orange red shade, burnt sienna, burnt umber, ivory black, payne’s grey, winsor lemon
brushes: isabey 4 (6227), 8 (6228); da vinci 5 (1503)
paper: 12x12in “fluid” cold press
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Looks Real....Priceless🤗😎
alove4horses's avatar
Totally Delightful!!!
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Very nice work!
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The scales look awesome!
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Wow, absolutely stunning. Your use of white space really give the goldfish its shine and life. Thank you for listing your tools - do you do primarily wet-on-wet or do you vary your technique a lot? I'm looking specifically at the shading and colors on the head - those large scales are very well done! 
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this is absolutely beautiful oh my god
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It looks so "shiny." Amazing. 
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 Awesome job. I can only imagine how delicate your brush strokes were. Watercolor is a very unforgiving medium.
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It looks wonderful! I love his shiny scales and his filmy fins and tail. :-)
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Great drawing!
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Beautifully painted gold fish. I love it how delicate it is.
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Great! It looks like a real life goldfish!
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Really amazing work. It's look very realistic.:D
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Beautiful work. I espacially like the light-effect at the gills.
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