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Commission for *Artomis! :rose:

Thanks for commissioning me :rose:
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Wow Goldy, nice to see some art from you again! <3 I'm still new to critiques, so I hope this is helpful!

I love how intense this piece feels, and as always I love the amount of detail you packed in! Especially the fluff on the white character's jacket orz This really looks like a gruesome battle, and if I were actually there, I'd want to leave ASAP. x_x

The pouring rain makes it look like this fight would be miserable, and although you've got it splashing up from obstacles (wings, the scythe, etc), I feel that because the rain looks as though it's coming down heavy, there should be a little more emphasis on the splashing. Right now it looks as though it's splashing up from a light rain.

I also like how the background adds to the weather! Those clouds are pretty awesome! I don't know where these characters are fighting, but some dead/blood stained grass could help contribute to the feel of a deadly battle. I also think the lightning could use a little glow or something else to give it some more 'wow', like the rest of your picture does!

And the characters look awesome - they definitely look like they could be responsible for those wounds. There's a lot of blood near the white character's arm, and I just felt like the sleeve fluff should have a bit of dirt or blood on it as well. Other than that, s/he seems fine c: Upon closer inspection of the black character, I see that she's pouring blood, but I only see a few gashes? (Good job for having their wounds match up to their opponent's weapons, by the way!) She is a dark colored character though, so I might be missing some wounds.

I had a lot to type, but really it was about some of the smallest details. You did a really awesome job and you've managed to make me stare at a piece for a long time yet again! <3 Keep up the good work - I can't wait to see what you draw next! ^^
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Thanks so much for the good critique, finally! ; u ;
Those obvious little details that I should have added make me wanna fix them so much but... maybe next time :'D

I actually drew lots of wounds for the black character but since she's so dark you can barely see them :P

But thank you again it sure was helpful <3
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Oh, you're quite welcome! ❤
They are little details, but I don't think you should have to go fix it now, maybe just remember it for next time ;v; It still is one awesome drawing!

I figured there were a lot more wounds for the black character that I couldn't see xP Thank you for clearing that up with me though!

I'm glad my critique helped ;v; I'll try to give them more often if you want!
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:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

I just want to say this is one of the best pieces of art i have seen from you following the picture "Guten Morgen" and "Disco heaven". I wish i was as lucky as Videri to have a girl like Mina in my life. Your art is atounding and it impresses me everytime i find a really funny or just plain amazing. the picture you just sent is truely amazing and i hope to see more from you. you continue to impress me with all your art works and that's why I'm a watcher. So that i can see when your next amazing artwork comes from. Thank you for the picture and i hope to see more amazing pictures from you. Keep up the good work. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/>
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Your art work is so amazing, it makes me want to try even harder to be able to create beautiful art just like you.Drawing Awesome Face Icon
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Thank you! :meow:
practice practice ;D
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That's really epic =D
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Nothing in my Garbage, THERE'S NOTHING IN MY GARBAGE!
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.....this deserves one of THESE comments . Totally . :stare: So prepare yourself, and your eyes ~~~

When I saw it on a thumbnail I already knew it's gonna be AMAZING but now I look closely and I know I was wrong, because it's far beyond "AMAZING" :iconwhutplz:
I mean just LOOK AT IT OMG ;______;

These POSES are awesome, I love how the dark character squats omg <3 And the blood here, just WHAT . :iconredheart-plz: It's so realistic and darrrrk <3

And I really love the rain effect > u < :heart:
Both the raining drops, and the water flowing down the characters . ;_;
It fits the picture GODDAMN GREAT I MEAN IT'S
so dark and bloody pciture, and the sahding just adds to it, I mean these parts of the characters where you ca't even see it good because it's so dark and because of rain ~ amazing effect girl !! ! <3

Whole picture is STUNNING . :iconwhutplz:
I could stare and stare and staaaareeee at itttttttt....

instant favourite girl . instant favourite . :stare:


I've JUST NOTICED how the blood falls down on grass (dark character) ;_____________; OMGAJSDKLaSJDKLASJ YOU DID GREAt JOB ON IT TOO IT LOOKS SO REALISTIC JUTS LASJDKLASJD <33
How are you doing blood? ;_; It's about colour, or blending, or just WHAT . :iconwthplz:

And hair looks amazing toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ;-;
I love it lovelovelove
it's so realistic
and dark
and bloody

the only thing it's missing are graves in farer background . XD

Though this lightning, compared to details in all image, looks kinda... wrong . Shall be more detailed, just like the rest .

OVerall, you did WONDERFUL job on this one, it's... I dunno, one of your best pictures so far ? ;-; :heart:

Amazing .


killmenow ; u ;
it's far too good

to excist .

; u ;


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wwwwwwWWWHOOOOoooAAaaaaawwww O U O

You know I NEVER get tired of THESE kind of comments <3 <3 <3
I'm not very proud of that lightning I did back there either :'D Feels like I just totally forgot how to lightning :icony-u-noplz:
Then I also forgot about searching a reference oTL --wut.

But girl I'm so glad you like ;_; Thanks very much <333
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Heheheheh I know <3 ~
That's why I decided it's time to get back to those . :eyes: ~~~ Or at last from time to time . XDDD;

Ffff XD Well, good thing it's not the main point of the drawing . |D;

You're welcome girl . <3
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this is not good! THIS DRAWING IS THE MOST EPIC PICTURE I SEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! :iconpartycannonplz:
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as dark as well done Goldy. you improved again on this kind of scene :clap:
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Probably your best art yet 8D
GoldeyWasHere's avatar
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Oh my god, this picture looks so freaking amazing! You should give yourself a pat on the back, good job +faved!
GoldeyWasHere's avatar
*tries to pat herself on the back*

Thanks! :D
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Omg, this picture is so dark and bloody *.*
How are ya doing that? The blood always looks so realistic c:
I just wonder why nobody gave you a comment yet O.o
This picture is just amazing, I ttly love how you shaded the hair, it's so shiny 'n lovely lookin <3
The background is also realy nice, the lightning looks epic, I realy don't even know what to say anymore, because the longer I look at this picture, the more amazed I am
You're realy an awesome artist Goldey ^^ Keep it up
GoldeyWasHere's avatar
Thaaaankks <3!
And I dun really know.. people don't have anything to say :'D Just like me. oTL
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