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So, seeing as how Kaiju a gogo hasn't been updated in awhile could you (bounces fingers together) maybe possibly post the evolution sequences of the Kaiju that were in the fullindie video? I always wondered what they were named. And could you include the whale you once mentioned in a forum as well? 
Could you refresh my memory on this video? I'm pretty sure I do still have all the designs we came up with, including some that never saw more development beyond one quick sketch. I don't recall a whale, though. Can you recall the comment?
Here's the video right here they're at the end of the video though. The forum that you mentioned the whoe kaiju and the bloodweaver skin to go with it is right here. Also while I have your attention what does Orangotango (I know the name because it was posted on the kickstarter) bring to the table? I'm guessing it's large hair gives it static electrical powers, along with mutant lice. Also I saw this green monkey in the banner for Armagordon, was that supposed to be part of his kit? Where the backstory is monkeys keep falling in the toxic vat strapped to his back and now he can summon giant mutant monkeys to fight for him. But then again, those robo tentacles on Ginormasauruses banner were never in the game, and you could always put the green monkey with Orangotango if you don't have enough stuff for him. I got more stuff to ask but I'll just leave it at that for now. 
Ah yes, memories! I do have all that art, maybe I should dig it out and post it. I never drew the mutant whale kaiju though, it only exists in my head. I really enjoyed designing the kaiju and their alternate skin concepts, maybe I'll do some similar concepts in future, independent of the game.

Orangotango was actually designed to be more of a brawler that had weird Street Fighter/Dragon Ball-esque energy blast powers. His hair standing up and changing color was a reference to that. At one point I drew a sketch of him with a headband like Ryu. He never really caught on, though. And the green monkeys were created to go along with Gordon's mad scientist creator Dr. Ivo, who was all about mutations. I thought it would be funny if there were all these radioactive green mutant lab monkeys running around his labs shrieking and getting into trouble that he just sort've blithely ignored. They weren't a part of gameplay though, just a bit of visual fun added to the scientists.
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