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Everyone has their own definitions of what a Were, an Anthro, and a Furry is, and in fact these definitions are debated -a lot- on the internet. WHEN IT COMES TO MY OWN ARTWORK these are only what I personally think of when I think of "Werewolf", "Anthro", and "Furry". So when I say "I am drawing a werewolf", this is what I mean. Or if I say "I am drawing a Furry", this is what I mean, etc. Most of my art subjects I consider this definition of "Anthro". Of course these are my own definitions of these and can, and do, change. Your own definitions will likely differ and vary.

So here is my -personal- definition of a Werewolf, an Anthro Wolf, and a Wolf Furry (let me clarify that all of these are "Anthropomorphic", just to different degrees)

Were - To me, this is what werewolves are. Not pig-monkeys or dudes with too much body hair, or even someone changing into a natural wolf (even though all of those are other people's ideas of what a werewolf is), but shapeshifting humanoid beast wolves who are fully capable of dealing some damage and messing your world up, complete with supernatural powers baby. Werewolves are bloodthirsty ass-kickers. Very much NOT anywhere near the same as an Anthro Wolf or a Wolf Furry

Anthro Wolf - These guys aren't shapeshifters; they simply are what they are. They are only human to a certain degree, but otherwise they have all the instincts and natural tendencies of an animal. They just get to have opposable thumbs, a reasoning mind, and an ability to make and use tools and fire. Think of them as animalistic cavemen, or other primitive tribes of humans. They function on instinct first, intellect second. Anthros are what I draw most of the time.

Furry - To me, when and if I draw a Furry it is a human with fur, ears, and tail. Not much in the way of animal instinct or behavior other than a few cute vocalizations or actions. They are (in my mind) somewhat smaller than humans, but otherwise they are averagely human in every way. You can dress them up any way you want, give them superpowers, a big sword, a nice car, etc.. Absolutely fun! But drawing these guys isn't really my cup of tea.

I do not consider that what I draw is "Furry", rather it is "Anthro" or "Were".

Again, this is just how I view things for myself and where I personally draw the lines between the three (major) types of anthropomorphics (there are of course many variations of anthropomorphic animals, from animals that talk, to Furries, to humans with a few animal traits. I'll probably draw my definitions of these in the future as well).

As a side note I do know that "Furry" is also a definition of a fandom and/or lifestyle and that the true definition of what is and is not "Furry" is -HEAVILY- debated. That's cool, but for me I just don't consider -my own artwork- or myself to be "Furry". I consider myself an "Anthro Artist". ^.^

You may color this artwork, but please keep my copyrights intact and provide a link back to my DA or website!
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I think anybody who's a fan of were & anthro is a furry.
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