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Here is my piece for the 2015 Werewolf Calendar!  Pre-orders open on Sept. 1st, 2014 at Midnight US Pacific time, and the first 150 pre-orders get nifty bonus swag!  Get on it!!

Here is my assignment description: "The werewolf species is a complex blend of human level intelligence and animal instinct. At times the lines between human an animal become blurred with individual werewolves choosing to sway heavily in favor of one or the other. Whether this behavior is the result of a crisis of identity or simply the preference of a werewolf for a simpler, more animalistic life, these individuals almost always choose to forego their bipedal stance to fit in with their quadrupedal brethren. It is not unheard of for such werewolves to secure a position in a standard wolf pack, though uncommonly ascending to alpha position despite their formidable strength and intellect."

I've been wanting to show the difference, to me, between regular wolves and a werewolf in a quadruped form.  To me they would be noticeably different.  Can you pick which one of these beautiful creatures is the werewolf?  I thought you could ;)  I decided to go with one of my Kierrn interloping into a wild pack of wolves in a remote area.  It would take a lot to get a pack of wolves to accept a werewolf, but it could be done. 

Acrylic on 12" X 16" Illustration board.

The original is available.  Message me if interested.  Prints will be available March 2015!
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