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Here she is, finally finished. My interpretation of the Egyptian goddess Hathor. The "Golden Goddess", "Mistress of the Stars" who was associated with women and women's health, love, inspiration, kindness, gratitude, light, rebirth, rejuvenation, dancing, sexuality, and drunken revelry.

Quite the interesting goddess with a great many symbols associated with her, thus the reason she is my most detailed god/dess to date!

Done in watercolor and colored pencil on 11 X 14 smooth Bristol paper.
Original is sold.
Prints are available…

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My favourite goddess and animal of all time

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Outstanding work.

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I always loved your style and loved your Egyptian gods and goddess pieces.

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Love all the details.  
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Absolute perfection!!! 
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So wonderfully detailed :)
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She's gorgeous! I think you've done this goddess justice! The tiny details really make the piece. It must have taken ages.

If you ever do any merch with her on it I think it's be awesome to do double sided keychains, or maybe a blanket, with Hathor on one side and Sehkmet on the other, due to their dual aspects of nurturing and destruction.

You've probably thought of that already! I just think it'd be neat.

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Beautiful! Gorgeous detail!

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I particularly like the detail on the clothing and the amount of realism that Hathor's face seems to have.
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This is gorgeous! I love your interpretation of Hathor and I think she looks wonderful!

hathor used to be sekhmet she nearly destroyed mankind it took the gods getting her drunk to stop her.
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Oh hot dang, I love Egyptian Gods. I remember this lady from this old computer game I used to love playing. Very cool. I have to check out your other ones.  :aww:
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This is lovely. I like the details on her outfit and the background is very nice as well.
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Outstanding composition!

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I love this! c:
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Wow, amazing work. So colorful and so many details. Great!
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Probably the only woman you can call a cow and it wouldn't be an insult.
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such a cool interpretation!! 
MaxErikson's avatar
Those are a lot of titles.

By the way, the gender-neutral term for god and goddess is "deity", so you don't have to say "god/dess" went you want to be gender-neutral.
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Wow... that's quite amazing!
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So much detail on such a small canvas! Looks amazing
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