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Good old times.



So when Miika kidnapped Kaz, he had to have hands to do dirty part of the revenge, and Henry had always a pair of them ready to do their job. 
I just really love all bear mans ♥ I think I have that one type of OCs at my RP sessions who are big guys with fat here and there, being cool dads and at the same time cruel emotionless beasts. Like Christopher. Henry and him have a lot in common. Both have warm families with a kid, both are loyal to their friends, both like to smile and make fun on stupid things, They both also have no problem in bringing physical pain to others. Their hands need to be covered in blood, of course in the name of justice. Maybe it's more Henry's domain, Chris, prefers to wear his conscience with a white gloves. 

So yeah. About the picture. I always loved to draw big guys and the master of doing this is Nesskain ♥ His big boys inspired the format of light in my drawing, so I highly recommend his masterpieces ♥

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