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Eyes 4

You know that feeling? When your eye is better than your hand? When you have all those nice ideas in mind but it's nearly impossible to put them down on a page? Yeah... right now I'm in that artistic limbo and the only thing that feel ok is to make for you another bunch of eyes. 

From now on you can leave a comment with your request for another set of eyes with an emotion you would like me to put along with it.

Eyes 3 by Rejuch Eyes 2 by Rejuch 
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i like your desgins can you try to make like demon eyes

Your character design is so incredible. I struggle to give people different faces. I know that I want it to look different, but I don't know how to push different shapes far enough. As soon as I saw this image though I knew this was what I was trying to achieve. I'm definitely going to follow your work.

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8ght one - MY DIAMOND

NOT GIF Steven Universe - Little happy slice of pi 
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I just love those odd double-iris ones 0w0
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Oh yaaas, they are the best~♥
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Yes! all of this ;3;~ thank you for this lovely collection of refs! 
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Thanks! And my pleasure!
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I know that feeling! Yes. Most my ideas die in sketch, hands are hard to draw.  
It's an imperfect world, after all.

But you do a quite beautiful job whit your eyes. Rejuch.      
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Eyes for days! Ugh drawing again, it always seems as though I can't keep my proportions or the styles consistent. These'll be great ref thanks girl!
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My pleasure, sometimes nothing goes as we want it but hey, that's just practice ♥
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Excellent eyes. Thank-you.
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Thanks! My pleasure!
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These eyes are all so helpful ;3
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I'm glad to help ♥
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Do you need other eyes for your next bunch of eyes?^^
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yup, drop me here some references ♥
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Well, i only have one OC that i wanted to be add:……

But i asked some of my friends and if i'll have their permish i'll send you their OCS too <333
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they are amazing, but jesus, the second last one in the first row down gives me nightmares
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hehe, I'm so sorry XD
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