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Secret Santa 2015
“I'm just saying think about it!”
A jet black Lamborghini egoista made a sharp turn around the corner of a busy city street as it narrowly avoided a group of screaming people as they fled for their lives. The sky above the city was pitch dark, and swirling purple clouds were sparking with red lightning across the skyline. Thousands of bats flew through the air, and the screams of terrified residences echoed from every corner over the roar of the engine.
“Not now.”
“If not now, then when?”
“When we're not trying to kill a demon. Now pull over.”
The car finally sped to a stop on a sidewalk in the middle of the business district. Roughly twenty feet in front of them, a flying humanoid shape was rampaging through the city, blasting burning red energy into the nearby skyscrapers and watched with demented glee as they exploded in a burst of flames.
The terrible creature only vaguely looked human. It was nearby seven feet tall with skin a
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9. Drive
“Give me the keys.”
“... I'd prefer to drive, actually.”
“We don't have time for you to drive. Now give me the keys.”
Beside an old, heavily run-down farmhouse was an old dirt road that stretched on for miles. The only thing in sight, besides the disused farm, were trees and open fields for as far as one could see. Parked in front of the rusted mailbox in front of the farm was a sparkling white Lamborghini that glimmered in the sun and badly conflicted with the rustic surroundings.
Two people stood beside the car as they argued over who would take the seat behind the wheel. The first was a young man in a fancy black suit and tie, with white hair and sunglasses to block the glare coming from overhead. He held a metal briefcase in his left hand and the keys to the expensive sports car in his right.
“It's just this is a rental so-”
“So then what do you even care? It has insurance and it's not even yours. Now give me the keys bef
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11. Memory
Humanity had survived in the wake of the nuclear apocalypse that had devastated the world. Several societies had risen up from the ash, all attempting to rebuild and struggling for supremacy. In the Wasteland of the Mojave Desert, even amidst the struggles of the Bull and the Bear, supremacy belonged to a single city. The shining jewel of the Mojave – New Vegas.
The lights from New Vegas illuminated the sky at night, shining as a beacon to all who found themselves in the Mojave Wasteland. It was a symbol of what could be. A better life, available to those with with the tenacity to seek it out, the determination to overcome the odds... and a lot of luck. Every day, wanderers, caravans, raiders, wishers and dreamers pour into New Vegas all hoping to find their own small slice of the good life.
Most who came through the gates of the Strip never make an impact. They come and they go, the lucky ones leave a little richer than when they started. The unlucky ones end up lost in a world
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The Century of Revival by GoldenSama The Century of Revival :icongoldensama:GoldenSama 2 5

I have a prediction (or several) for Avengers 4, and I want to put them on the record now.

Okay, firstly, *Infinity War*, according to the Russo Bros, was a movie where the two central characters were Thanos and Thor. They have the biggest story arcs. That's straight from the guys who directed it.

I believe Avengers 4 will be the story of three central characters: Captain America, Iron Man and Captain Marvel.

Why those three? Well, the Russo's previously directed *Winter Soldier* and *Civil War*, but they barely used Cap in *Infinity War*. I have to believe they have bigger plans for him, and they've even hinted that he has a much larger role in Avengers 4.

Captain Marvel on the other hand, I'm positive will have a major role. They post-credits scene teased her appearance, and her movie is the next one being released, so clearly it's important we know her before going into Avengers 4, both of those things imply she'll be pretty important. Plus, Marvel has been pushing her character a lot over the last few years, it's been heavily theorized they're trying to set her up as a major character in the MCU.

Finally, Iron Man because he's Iron Man. He's the closest thing the MCU has to a main character in terms of the *entire* MCU. Plus between what happened in *Infinity War* and what happened in *Civil War*, Tony has a lot of unfinished business with both Thanos and Steve, so it makes sense that if I'm right about Steve playing a bigger role, Tony makes sense too.

What else can we infer will be important? Well, we know from leaked set photos there appears to be a recreation of the Battle of New York, as originally depicted in *The Avengers*. We've also seen several actors on set with weird watches on their hands. Among them are Captain America, in his original Avengers-era suit, and Ant-Man who, of course, was not in *The Avengers*.

This heavily implies some kind of time travel. What's more, given the concept of traveling through time was referenced in *Ant-Man and the Wasp*, and that was one of two movies to come out in between *Infinity War* and Avengers 4, we can probably assume that the Quantum Realm will have some importance to Avengers 4, and that it will likely be used as the main source of time travel.

Now in fairness, the Russo Brothers have previously stated that a technology showcased in *Civil War* will be important in Avengers 4, which many have speculated is the “BARF” technology Tony used that basically recreated his memories... but I think this is misdirection. Remember, the main source of the time travel speculation is *LEAKED* photos... so my guess is the Russo's threw in that *Civil War* comment to try to divert speculation away from the Time Travel aspect.

SO! On to the predictions!

One aspect of *Infinity War* I noticed was that the Avengers were pretty split apart in that one. Tony, Peter and Dr. Strange were off playing with the Guardians, while Steve and the rest were hanging out in Wakanda, and then you've got Thor who was doing his own thing most of the time... both the Avengers and the Guardians were split up through most of that movie. And they lost. It clearly sets up the theme that “Heroes Divided Cannot Stand”.

What's more, the Avengers really got split up in *Civil War*... the division between Tony and Steve has never been mended since then. So between that, and the themeing in *Infinity War*, it makes sense that the next movie will see the Avengers and Guardians all come together to defeat Thanos.

So, I think this movie will see Tony and Steve make up, the Avengers all reunite and team up against Thanos. We need to see closure for their arcs... and I say that because I'm pretty well convinced this will be the last major starring role for Tony and Steve.

I think Captain America will probably sacrifice himself in Avengers 4, and that Iron Man will live, but will retire.

Why? Well, that has to do with both story and real life reasons.

In the real life reasons, it's been known for a LONG time that Chris Evans wants to direct and doesn't necessarily want to keep acting. We also know that Robert Downey Jr still gets an absurd amount of money for every Marvel movie he's in, and he's also been doing this longer than anyone else in the MCU.
It makes sense to think RDJ may want to do other movies – just today he teased Sherlock Holmes 3 – and Disney would be happy to keep making MCU movies without having to shell out such enormous bucks for RDJ.

Storywise, though, I also think it makes sense for their character arcs.

More than anything else, sacrifice has been the main theme of Captain America's movies. In *The First Avenger*, both Cap and Bucky end up sacrificing themselves in the pursuit of stopping HYDRA. In *The Winter Soldier*, Cap must again make a sacrifice, this time his beliefs are challenged and he has to sacrifice his reputation and challenge the very system he once protected. In *Civil War*, Cap again sacrifices his reputation, and ultimately sacrifices The Avengers themselves in order to do what he thinks is right.

Cap has always given up everything. His normal life, his friendships, his romances – and he's repeatedly been willing to sacrifice his life. It makes sense with his character that he would be called to make the ultimate sacrifice against Thanos. Especially since, if you watch *Infinity War*, heroes being unwilling to make hard sacrifices is exactly why Thanos wins. Dr. Strange won't sacrifice Tony and Peter, Quill won't sacrifice Gamora – but Thanos did make a sacrifice.

It not only makes sense within the context of Cap's story from his previous movies (two of which were directed by the Russo's, remember) but also in the context of *Infinity War*'s story. The heroes will have to sacrifice something, and having Captain America of all people lay down his life makes sense. But before he dies, he and Tony will patch things up and become bros again.

Now how do I arrive at the conclusion that Tony will live, but retire? Again, let's look at Tony's past character arc.

In *Iron Man* he's a prick. He's arrogant, selfish and oblivious to anyone else. In *Iron Man II* we see him confront some of this and question his own mortality. In *The Avengers*, he learns about aliens and how woefully unsafe Earth is, and that becomes the driving core of his character moving forward.

Tony's PTSD and fear of the unknown alien stuff is huge in *Iron Man III*, and directly responsible for his creation of Ultron in *Age of Ultron*. His guilt and fear is also a big factor in *Civil War*, and ultimately the day he has dreaded for years comes in *Infinity War* and he fails.

His entire storyline since 2012 has dealt with him fearing this day, and this day came. He lost. Obviously we know from Dr. Strange's hints that Tony will play a big role in fixing what happened, but where do you go with his story after this?

… Well, nowhere. Tony not a selfish dick anymore, he's not a drunk anymore, and now his fears are done... he has achieved all of his character growth. There's nowhere else for him to go.

Given the hints we got in *Infinity War*, though... I don't think he dies. I think instead he lives, he helps stop Thanos, and then... he finds out Pepper is pregnant. After losing Spider-Man on Titan, he realizes that he doesn't want to do the superhero thing anymore, and instead he wants to be a dad. So he and Pepper leave, and Tony hangs up the Iron Man armor for good... oh and he names his son Steve, after Cap.

Since then it's a way of both honoring Cap's sacrifice, and showing that those two really do patch things up.

So how does Captain Marvel tie into all of this? That one is harder theorize on right now, since her movie isn't out yet. Still from what we've heard, she may be the strongest Avenger we've seen yet... which makes sense. You need someone very strong to help you fight Thanos. So likely she will play a big role in the battle, and we'll probably see her demonstrate some battlefield knowledge and leadership skills. I'm telling you, they are setting her up to kinda fill the void of Steve and Tony.

The other big element here... is a small one; Ant-Man. I don't know if he will have a character arc in the same way I suspect Steve and Tony will, but I do think the Quantum Realm will be the key of the time travel in this film, and likely key to stopping Thanos.

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