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Smile for the Camera by goldenpurplefreak Smile for the Camera by goldenpurplefreak
who wants to see more Oni Tohru content? no one? oh well

Finally after sometime I am able to produce a small little Oni Tohru with more adding to the AU.

Season 2.

It's been some weeks since Shen Du was destroyed and life for the Chans and Section 13 has returned to normal. Jade hates how normal life is for her now, but everyone is relieved, especially Tohru and Iwa (Tohru's mother). Because of their assistance in Shen Du's defeat, Captain Black gives Tohru a pardon on his crimes with the Dark Hand if he joins Section 13 and Jackie, which he accepts. Now Tohru and Iwa work as Uncle's shop assistants, but don't live with the Chans bc there isn't a lot of room for them. Tohru and Iwa is fine with this since they have their own appartment.

When the J-Team is introduced, Viper, El Toro and Paco find out that Tohru is an Oni demon and Iwa is a witch, which does take them some time to warmly receive Tohru and Iwa into their group. Also, Shen Du is mad that Tohru betrayed him after many years of an alliance and tells his siblings, who keep watch for the rogue Oni.

This all comes down to the Book of Ages and when Shen Du changes it, he makes Tohru his prisoner, Yamamoto, and makes him fight in gladiator battles to the death with other prisoners for him to get honor in Shen Du's kingdom. Yamamoto doesn't mind bc Shen Du has brainwashed him and trained him to think that it is a high honor to be recognized by Shen Du. When Jade finds him, she says that the Yamamoto she knew would never submit himself to a demon like Shen Du and that his name is actually Tohru. Yamamoto ignores Jade bc he is convinced Shen Du saved him from being backstabbed by Tarakudo.

When it's clear that Yamamoto won't rejoin the J-Team, Jade takes Jackie and Uncle and escape Shen Du's fortress with some of his talismans. Shen Du gives Yamamoto the task to hunt them down dead or alive for a huge reward, which Yamamoto readily accepts.

The Chan Clan go to Japan and find Iwa there, who is Po Kong's Oni personal witch servant. When they defeat Po Kong, Jade convinces Iwa to join them (much to Uncle's chagrin) bc Iwa had a son and lost touch with him when she was forced to serve Po Kong long ago. Jade tells him that she knows who he is, but will only offer to tell her who he is if she helps him, so Iwa does.

While Yamamoto is tracking the Chan Clan down from domain to domain, he sees how happy the people are now that a demon isn't terrorizing them anymore. This causes him to think about if Shen Du will really give him a reward.

Later Xiao Feng and Hsi Wu get defeated and Tchang zu comes along. In this battle, the J-Team have a hard time defeating him bc this is the first time they are working as a team so they are still trying to work out the kinks in their teamwork. Yamamoto is able to track them down and find them fighting the Thunder demon on Hsi Wu's tower. When Jade falls through the crack, Yamamoto sees this and reaches down to save her. Jade is surprised and together, the J-Team and Yamamoto defeat Tchang Zu. This officially puts him with the J-Team and decides to leave his previous gladiator life behind, living his life as Tohru.

Soon enough, Shen Du finds that 'Tohru' betrayed him and is furious. He teams up with the remaining free demons to track down the J-Team in Australia. The plan is Jade takes Uncle, Iwa and Paco to the Book of Ages while Tohru and the J-Team fend off the demons as best as they can. Long story short they win and everything is back to normal. idk what else to add for this season :| 

Tohru belongs to Jackie Chan Adventures but the Oni!Tohru AU is mine.

Edit: bruh i forgot to give this a title :p
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Hexidextrous Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2018
Reminds me of Trigon from Teen Titans.
goldenpurplefreak Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
I can see why, but if I wasn't such a chicken and colored this Tohru would've been a deep purple.
kijker0 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2018
Interesting AU.

Does make me wonder how the queen of the shadowkhan episode would have gone.
goldenpurplefreak Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2018  Student Traditional Artist

Huh. That would make an interesting episode. I don't have any ideas as of now for the Queen of the Shadowkhan episode but I can make write that out for the next Oni!Tohru pic I put out.
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