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Hetalia - Prussia and Hungary

I love this photo, its so cute and lovely and adorable~<3! I know they're not a canon couple, but we figured Gilbert deserves a chance to get with the girl!

Prussia: :icongoldenmochi:
Hungary: :iconnocturnal-blossom:
(Original 1817 Prussia Design:) :iconjiuge:

Photography: By the totally awesome :iconsilveritis:/:iconsilver-photos:
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blackandpurple121's avatar
i love love love this pairing and the photo is super cute! Heart Heart 
Boohbear19's avatar
Aww! I seriously love this pairing!!Heart 
badabangcosplay's avatar
i love it so much :D -zombie killer
sophiafreak7797's avatar
omg u guys look so much like these 2 cosplayers i saw in a video on youtube with prussia and austria and belarus and russia
GoldenGirl954's avatar
Awww this is so cute :aww:
Love how Prussia's eyes came out
sailorheart96's avatar
Really cute ! And the Prussia cosplay is AMAZING OwO
GoldenMochi's avatar
Thank you very much! :D
Sephirayne's avatar
Awwwww, cute pic is cute :heart:. You guys make my heart melt.
haku-imahio's avatar
I love this couple too xD (Its like...the only hetero couple i like - u-;; )
GoldenMochi's avatar
Woo~! That is good. Look out for our Valentine shoot - coming soon to a deviantArt near youuu! ^^
haku-imahio's avatar
oAo omk I shall! <3
DrRelth's avatar
Such gorgeous cosplays! c:
labradoorknob's avatar
Thank you~! I'm so tired of this Germancest, AustriaxPrussia, pRussia crap. *is definitely NOT a yaoi fan*
GoldenMochi's avatar
Lol don't like the Germancest - its just too weird, they're brothers! - AustriaxPrussia just doesn't make sense to me, and pRussia is just-... well weird as well to me XD Lol. I'm glad you like it!
PantsOfAwesome's avatar
<3 So cute... finally a couple that is not yaoi.
GoldenMochi's avatar
I actually think PrussiaxHungary is one of our favourite pairings, even if it is entirely unrequited. Not everything has to be manxman! XD
Kitty-Grin's avatar
I totally agree! :D  Everyone thinks it has to be manxman, why not manxwoman?!
Vercatosso's avatar
Your Hungary is insanely cute!
GoldenMochi's avatar
She is! Even when waving a frying pan around all day it was cute XD
Nikolicious's avatar
You are like, the most gorgeous couple ever ♥
GoldenMochi's avatar
Thank you so much! ^///^
CooroSnowFox's avatar
They look adorable together :3
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