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I was born in 2000. I am trying to help save the endangered Vaquita porpoise through awareness. I will try to post as many Vaquita drawings and paintings as I can. Here you can buy my Vaquita book:, and a link to my Vaquita website is below:

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Guillermo Munro Colosio (Memuco)
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Tennis and Birding
In a 1,400 square mile area in the Gulf of California, and only here, lives the Vaquita. This timid little porpoise is dark gray on top fading to a white belly, with dark patches over its mouth and eyes. At less than 5 feet long, it is the smallest cetacean, and, with only around 100 individuals left in the world, the rarest marine mammal. This porpoise is literally on the brink of extinction. Never has a single one survived in captivity, so it is imperative that we preserve its natural habitat. The reason it is so endangered is because of its entanglement in gillnets that are set out for fish and shrimp. Since fishing is one of the biggest i
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Thank you for the watch and fav!
Thank you for watching, and welcome to dA! Fantastic to see someone so involved in helping Vaquitas :D

You are my favorite deviant artist! Your work is incredible! Might I ask, do you use an art tablet and if so what type? I am thinking about a Wacom Intuos Pro. Thank you so much for the comment and adding my drawings to the Odontocetes collection!

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Wow, that is very flattering to hear, thank you! :love: I am very much in awe of your amazing work for the Vaquitas. People honestly don't know about it, and they're in such big need of protection. You're so young yet you've already made a book about them - that is amazing! Yes, I indeed use a tablet, it's a Wacom Intuos3 - it's got its moods sometimes, but we get along :P In all honesty, it's a very nice tablet though I've never had another one, so I couldn't exactly compare with others haha. 
You are very welcome! You deserve so much credit for your amazing paintings and devotion to marine mammals and birds. I cannot thank you enough for your compliments. It is so great to hear from someone else who cares so deeply about marine mammals like the Vaquita! Also, thanks for your advice on the tablet! It is very helpful. :)