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There are gifts of prophecy, but they will be ended.

There are gifts of speaking in different languages, but those gifts will stop.

There is the gift of knowledge, but it will come to a end.

The reason is that our knowledge and our ability to prophesy are not perfect.

But when perfection comes, the things that are not perfect will end.

When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child.

When I became grown, I stopped those childish ways.

It is the same with everyone.

Now we see a dim reflection, as if we were looking into a mirror, but then we shall see clearly. Now I know only a part,

But then I will know fully, as God has known me.

So these three continue forever: Faith, Hope and love. and the greats of these is LOVE.


Dear Jesus Why I ask?

The so-called "Perfect man" says he is just fine, "perfect" in fact, without fault saying he is not a sinner Not acknowledging he ever makes a mistakes and acts like he could do no wrong, and the wrong that he has done he covers in lies to make himself look good and decent in fact "perfect". The so called "perfect" man in saying he's "perfect" denied you Jesus. He didn't know you were the one who died for him on the cross for him in mind, Didn't realize you took his faults and they were placed on you head with thorns. But the Saddest of all he didn't care you carried his sin for him on your back and took the beatings he was supposed to get from Satan you took it in silence Without cry Without protest that he was the one that Satan should have Tortured for all his wrong that he had done for a eternity in hell he should have carried his own cross Jesus, No you didn't let the so-called perfect man that said he was "perfect" but the fact he simply was wicked a black hearted man take any share in what he owed... and you let Satan lash you, without one word you took it, while Satan laughed at you for taking his burden of Sin that he should have paid for with his own back...and Satan taunting you for not just giving up on the worthless man, that didn't care and was ungrateful he mocked that you even bothered, the man doesn't deserve even you to take one accusing for his wrong he did...But no you loved the man so much that you just hoped he come to his senses and realize and be delighted that you saved him and be with you one day when he died when he admitted he wasn't "perfect" had fault, made mistakes and acknowledged that you were his savior his lord and king and know that you cared.. and did his best to please you in anyway he could.But No again he said there was no God said there was no Savior that you were just a prophet you had many good teachings but that you weren't the savior... So when he died Satan was Ecstatic he got the man that didn't believe and thought he was "perfect" he bound him right up and threw him in the lake of fire where his demon minions could take care of him forever and gave him the "perfect treatment" just for the "perfect" man. Because of the man's blind foolishness Satan Got another lost soul to take to hell and make miserable forever...Don't let this be you, Don't make the same mistake this man made. Please don't turn your back on Jesus. Invite him into your life today, before it's too late because you can't turn back once you are dead. Your life will be over and there can be nothing done to fix those mistakes you made in your life you cant ask Jesus mercy when he gave you enough chances in your life time to turn the other way, but this man went on his evil ways and found destruction, not a life with Jesus,which so many people turn down and they don't know how "good they got it till its gone" and it will be the end.

Benjamin the runaway son.
Benjamin ran he could'nt take this..... his know it all big sister or his family his mother.... casting him out....his eyes began to blurr as he slithered through the tall grass of the mountains. I cant stand them I never want to see them again he thought....