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I can explain


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I can explain


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South Park

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Ultra Recon Squad: Zossie

TSP Fanfics

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Hex Maniac Momo


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CurtainS.- Kiss in the blue

Fandom's Gain

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Special Stuff

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(COMMISION) Ditto Daki

Pokemon Memes

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meiko and miku


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pairing back then

Kagerou Project

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Layton and Sherlock

PL Fan Art

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Sleepy Smile Dog

Random Art

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Character Development Quiz

Your character is in a stable relationship of some description (if they are not in a relationship in the canon of your story, assume this hypothetically). Your character discovers that their partner has been cheating on them. How does your character react? (Ideas: Does your character panic or assume it was a misunderstanding? Will their feelings change as they "cool off"? Will they storm out without a backwards glance or seek resolution? Would they forgive their partner?) Does your character hold any religious or otherwise existential beliefs? If so, what inspired them to hold those beliefs? If not, why? If you asked your character what hi


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Youtuber Art

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Best of 2014

Awesome Art

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Commission: Slenderman and hellkitty112

Scary Art

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Mareko SW

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Minecraft in a comic: once-ler and the creep-ler


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Musical Stamp

Personal Items

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Bilbo wearing gown.

Other Art

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F2U Base [1]


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[request] Algore

UT Cringe

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Character design - Demeter

Greek Mythology

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