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Originally launched on November 30th this year, "Heroes and Villains" is a very ambitious project to try and create a player-made and run superhero MMO - the development is still in an extremely early stage, but the groundwork is being laid to give the project every possible chance of growing and succeeding. It's going to take quite a while, and no one is underestimating just how hard the challenge will be to make it work, but we're all going to give it everything we've got to make it a reality. Helping us to spread the word about the project will also make a big difference.
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Nice project, GG. I wish you and all the team luck. If there is anything I can do please let me know. My art ain't pro but I will be happy to help you whenever and wherever I can.
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Art skills aren't the only way people can contribute - tech and modeling ability is also vital for the project.
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Well as it is my only skill... Yeah, I know I am useless. :D
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Anyone is welcome to contribute =p
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I would very much like to see how this turns out... It's a rather epic idea. Fans of a game and a genre, working together to try to recreate the thing they loved after it was cruelly taken away.

It would make for an interesting precedent in the gaming community.
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"Epic" and "crazy" are often close together =P
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I wish you luck. I may try adding content to both Project Z incarnations if I can in terms of Lore.
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We'll be building the lore for Heroes and Villains in an organized way, step by step, and submissions will be welcome.
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I'd be happy to create any villains and heroes if you need any.

I was a raging altoholic.
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Do you mean writing or actual modeling?
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