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Updated badge for Thaiger commissioned by Toaster_Fox.
Before: Flat Color ~and~ After: Fully Polished

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Oh, looking cool!

Just yesterday I tried my hand at drawing tigers for the first time, so it's sweet seeing some tiger art from one of my favourite artists popping up, giving me more ideas hwo to approach it.

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I'm so glad to hear that! Keep creating :D

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This is beautiful! very well done :D

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Oh man this reminds me Yurio and... that’s silly.... WHATEVER I LOVED THE PICTURE
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this tiger is super cuteeeeeee!!

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So now we have a lion, and a tiger... When's the bear? =P

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Haha! Who knows, maybe soon.

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this look awesome i love it it is so adorable Aww Red Fox

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Are you a furry artist? Because your Art is beautiful!

(I'm a furry myself- and, I'm not everybody who draws a animal is a furry, and- you don't need to reply. Since this is a really dumb comment)
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Thanks! I am a furry. :)

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Noice! (I wouldn't have any beef with you If you said you weren't, lol)
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The style is so charming and the fur/overall textures of this are beautiful!!

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