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Love in the Abstract

By GoldenDruid
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Paper thin
Taking form
We begin

For many years I've had this idea to paint the concept of infatuation and new love.  It's always a topic I've found so interesting!
The mind creates these kind of "love blinders".  But whether these intense feelings are reciprocated or not, a person involuntarily creates a fantasy version of their love interest in their mind. Often this involves mentally smoothing over the negative aspects of their character and subconsciously embellishing the positive ones.   Which creates this beautiful, but ultimately unrefined visualization of the person.

What's also interesting is how some people can get swept up in this romantic fantasy. On the other hand, if one maintains mental checks and balances, it's also possible to enjoy the ride of endorphins without getting lost in the abstract. Most relationships go through this phase. Whether it becomes long term/ reality-based love, is a question that can only be answered as more detail comes into focus.

This is the 2nd painting in series of personal artwork I wanted to create that focuses on exploring complex emotions.

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They do be nommin 🥰🥰🥰

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That is a lovely picture!

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" when your bae is a snacc"
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This is absolutely beautiful! I love it so much!

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Love your art style!

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Wirklich hübsch ^^

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its awesome :D

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Nope :D It's all painted in photoshop. I'll be posting a little process video of it soon.

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Brah this is awesome I really love it.

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