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🎉AT LAST! Finished painting Inkblitzer's 1st place raffle prize! 12hrs total to complete & I'm very happy with the results!

Big thank you to everyone who participated on Twitter!

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Divine!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

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that's perfect! :squee:

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have seldom seen anything so good, your art has become three times better at the moment!

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Ahh I love King Cheetahs so much so this is really amazing to see! Your textural work is gorgeous

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Thank you very much! :3

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Ah. This art piece is the true personification of speed divided by time = velocity. The black ink could showcase the amount of blood that was shed from this predator or it is running across a stream of clear water, which is reflected upon the white background. It's hind legs are drawn upward as one of the legs is slanted just a bit, to increase the speed, so that it can travel to it's destination. The uses of light yellow to represent the skin, black dots/ovals to represent the spots and ink effect used and brown to really capture the lighting that hits the head/face of this creature in the cat family. Perhaps it is a leopard or cheetah? Either way, it has a mission and it will not stop until it reaches it's target at full speed with no mercy.

More analyzation coming soon. Too mentally drained at the moment.

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Wow, thank you!

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Beautiful, do you mind if I use this to study?

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Thanks! And sure, please feel free to use any of my art to study from. :)

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Tysm! Keep up the good work, love all your art!

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Thanks again and happy painting!

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Oh man, couldn't wait for inktober? ;)

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Gotta get there fast!

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Absolutely gorgeous! You can see the movement of the cheetah! (sometimes its hard to capture movemnt in a single picture, but you did it wonderfully!) It's truly a masterpiece.

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Thank you so much!

This is amazing!!! Wonderful job!🤩

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Woah... Im speechless-

It's making me feel like my art is trash

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Oh bobby cock. Don't be so hard on yourself.

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