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Jungle Book- King Louie

Jungle book image 1 of 5- King Louie

hey all, heres the first of a 5 set of personal art from one of my favorite books of all time.

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You know, since you did this one with King Louie, despite not appearing in the books but just in the Disney Universe, you should do some more pictures, one of the four vultures (Buzzie, Flaps, Ziggy, and Dizzy) and one with Shanti, Ranjan, Ranjan's father and mother, and Shanti's mother.

Why is there a snake there
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in the book there is a white cobra named Thuu who protects the treasures of the ancient city, I wanted to merge my favorite parts of the movies with my favorite parts of the books!
In the new live action Jungle Book King Louie is going to be a Gigantopithecus…
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keep up the hard work!!
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Absolutely gorgeous work! owo

King Louie  may not be in the Jungle Books, but he's my favorite character from the Disney movie; and kudos to adding Thuu/White Hood and the golden ankus.
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Forgive my autocorrect. Roundhouse?!
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Nice! It's realistic and very lovely painted. Plus, nice roundhouse on adding White Hood (my favorite part of the original story).
Now I'm the king of the swingers, oooooo,
the jungle VIP,
I've reached the top and had to stop,
and that's what's bothering me :D
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Is that cobra supposed to be Nag? :D This is a wonderful illustration!
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yes haha, its a nod to nag
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Awesome! :) Nag and Kaa were always by favorite Jungle Book characters. :D Your pictures are really well done. :)
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Of course, King Louie wasn't actually IN the book. And orangutans are native to Borneo and Sumatra, NOT India.
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True but Orangutans did live in India during prehistoric times, but they went extinct long before the arrival of man-cubs of course.
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i think we can all agree that while he wasnt in the book, he was a more than welcome addition on disney's part.
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I like to vision Louie as a captive Orangutan who, like Bagherra, broke free from his chains, and made the jungle his home.
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Yeah he had to have gotten to the jungle somehow. Maybe he stowed away on a ship.
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Love how shaggy you made the fur on the orangutan
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These jungle book series are really great images! Excellent work!
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Awesomeness :)) <3
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Holy Mother of Details! Nice one Dan! :D
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awesome details on everything especially the detailing on th weapons
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