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Please read the rules before joining

Follow these instructions in order to become a member.

1. Look over the rules posted below.
2. In you request to join, give a brief summary of the second bulleted submission rule.

(this does not mean actually doing the rule)

General rules

Membership is open to anyone on DeviantArt. All types of art/writing are accepted. This includes Traditional art, Digital art, Animation, Flash art, Poetry, Prose, Photography, Photomanipulation, etc.

Give critiques as often as you want. The more, the better :)

Be friendly and civil with your critiques. Trollish or hateful comments, spam and the like are not allowed.

Submission rules

:bulletblue: Please submit to the "To be critiqued" folder. Once the submission has gotten a critique, it will be moved to the appropriate media folder.

:bulletblue: Required "give and take"--before submitting a new piece to the group, you must leave a comment/critique on another group submission. Basically, if you wish to submit something to the club, you MUST provide some sort of feedback on another artist's submission (preferably a more recent one). It doesn't necessarily have to be a full critique, a couple sentences stating your thoughts would be fine. Comments consisting of just "wow" or "this is cool" don't count.

After you submit something to the club, go back to your correspondence messages and there will be a "No comments" link under the "Withdraw" button on your pending submission. Leave a comment there with a link to your comment/critique. If you do not provide a link to your comment/critique, you will be asked to provide one. You'll have one week to do so, and then the submission will expire (auto-rejected).

Some clarification on this rule:
-You can also send a note to the club or comment on the main page with a link to the submission that you commented on/critiqued. However, until I see your link, the submission will not be approved.

-I understand some members are not comfortable leaving a critique, so you don't have to leave a full critique if you don't want to. A few sentences encouraging the artist is also perfectly acceptable. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

-If you can't find a piece to critique in the "To be critiqued" folder, you are allowed to critique another piece in our galleries, but first try the "To be critiqued" folder.

:bulletblue: You must have comments enabled on your submission. The critique feature is for subscribers only, so non-subscribers cannot use it. It doesn't matter if the critique feature is enabled or not.
NOTE: If your submission is approved and you disable comments later, your submission will be removed from the club WITHOUT WARNING.

:bulletblue: You may submit WIPs (work in progress) more than once provided you have made visible changes to it. We encourage you to get feedback on the various stages of creating a work.

:bulletblue: Do NOT submit work that is against DeviantArt's rules. If you submit work that would constitue a policy violation, we will reject your submission.

:bulletblue: Please keep submissions tasteful. Although we accept nudity and violence, we will draw the line at photos of severely mutilated humans/animals. We also may not accept fetish images such as inflation or vore. This is a group for art, not softcore porn. This can be translated into writing as well. We really don't want to read about your mary-sue character seducing some poor Naruto kid.

:bulletblue: Submissions with mature content (sexual themes, violence, drug use, etc) should be marked as such using DA's mature content checkbox.

:bulletblue: Please submit work that you have put a little effort into. Mspaint scribbles and the like will not be accepted.

:bulletblue: Please submit work that is digitally presentable. Photos/scans that are blurry or hard to see may be rejected.

:bulletblue: Submissions from galleries that are obviously troll accounts will not be accepted.

:bulletblue: Sometimes people submit their art also to other critique/comments groups. Mind that when a lot of critique is already given to your piece it is possible it gets removed from our "To be critiqued folder".

If you have any questions or concerns, please send us a note and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.








Okay so as some of you, and most who read these anyway, know, I have been having a hard time in real life lately with my aunt, who lives with my mother and I, being in and out of the hospital. She is currently in again and this is the fourth time she's been in the hospital in the last month and a half. Now onto the point, as many of you suggested, I will be accepting some new contributors to help with the workload seeing as I am currently running this solely on my own. So without further adieu, onto the details!

Now, in an effort to keep untrustworthy people from becoming a mod and then completely trashing this group, your permissions will be limited only to what is needed from you right now, eventually you may be granted more permissions, but for now, that is unsure. For those who submit work, you are not exempt from the rules and if you are found to be going around the give-and-take rule, not only will you lose your position as a mod, you will also not be allowed to submit any more pieces to the group.

Your job as a mod will be to accept incoming requests for critiques and leave critiques on some of the older pieces that have not received sufficient critiques. This means you will have to check that if someone is submitting to premium critique, they are a premium member and have enabled such critiques, the artist has critiqued another piece we already feature, and said critique is not more than 4 days before that of the submission, and in the event someone has commented with a critique link, but it is being submitted to the wrong folder (only in the case of a non-premium critique enabled piece submitted to premium), it is your job to reply to them telling them what is wrong and how to fix it, as well as voting "No" on the submission. If you are looking through pieces to critique and notice one has sufficient critiques, let me know so I can move it to the proper folder.

How to Apply-
Message the group with why you think you deserve to be a moderator and if applicable, what skills you possess that give you an advantage as a mod.

♥What qualifies as a sufficient amount of reviews/critiques?
It's really up to your personal thoughts, I try to go off of how many sentences are in the critiques, here's a small little guideline somewhat like how I decide.

2 Sentence reviews-
At least 5 of these, and only count ones that actually talk about improvement or praise certain parts, not generalizations like "Omg I love this, seriously everything about it is just amazing! Keep up with the art because you're totally going far!", it's too general and provides no idea of what could use improvement and what is already good.

3-4 Sentence reviews-
At least 2-3 of these, and again, no generalizations, specifics are pretty much a must.

5+ Sentence reviews-
Only 1 is needed, following the main rule of thumb as said above.

Premium Critiques-
1-2, trust your judgement here, but if there are at least 2, it's definitely alright.

New Mods-
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Hiya! I know in order to join I have to give a short summery of the second bullet point which essentially states that i have to give a critique to receive a critique. I also noted that its okay to give shorter critque's but one word/super short critiques not allowed. I cant wait to join your group.
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