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Don't know why I didn't put info on the Capnests here when I first started doing them.

So for clarification on the whole process, a Capnest is an acronym for a little challenge I set myself, and stands for Cataclysm Art Practice, No Eraser, Speed Trial.

Basically I decided that my artwork was suffering because I began to feel unmotivated to draw because of how long it would take me come up with something productive, because I seem to be a shameful perfectionist- to the point where I could spend hours building construction lines, because I would erase them if they didn't look right (*selfrant). So to practice drawing for my possible upcoming webcomic project, (where artistic speed would be very much required) I thought these challenges would help me solve that issue.
So the idea behind these challenges are that I set myself a time limit and forbid myself from using an eraser and draw in one of three formats. Either an hour to draw the front and back of one of my characters, an hour to draw the side and top view of one of my characters, or two hours to draw a bunch of various expressions for one of my characters. Simple, although the lack of using an eraser has ensured some unpretty results so far- but I drew them REALLY quickly.

Woah, didn't expect to take up so much space with that information. XD

I've also mentioned Cataclysm here and there, throughout this post, in various tweets and well, in general. so I suppose I should divulge as much information as I'm willing to about it here...(and it only now occurs that the paragraphs of this journal entry are probably in a horribly mixed up order.)


This is the name of a possible web comic (as mentioned earlier), which I may be working on. The setting will mostly be set in a kind of apocalyptic wasteland, sorta like what you'd expect from Fallout 3. But with caged safe zones for people to live. I don't really want to go into details any more than this so far. But I've been planning it for a while now and I'm really hoping to kick it off seriously by the end of the year. Some of my characters have already been added to my DA gallery.

*selfrant- I mean they're construction lines, right? They're supposed to be a rough guide to help you draw a much smoother picture later, not ruin your page by erasing them so often because they don't fit the shape you want to add later.- Well naturally if its not going to help you build the image you should erase them, but the point is they don't have to be perfect at this stage.


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Ooooh hey! Did you catch the photo of you on the auchi forums? Do some searching in the cosplay topics and you'll find it :)
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