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Danganronpa OC Imawoikiru High School by GoldenCat12 Danganronpa OC Imawoikiru High School :icongoldencat12:GoldenCat12 0 0 Danganronpa Hope Beating in Despair's Silence by GoldenCat12 Danganronpa Hope Beating in Despair's Silence :icongoldencat12:GoldenCat12 3 0
Hope Beating in Despair's Silence Part 6

(Okay, before we get into this, I just want to thank bastart13 once again from Tumblr for creating this amazing drawing of Rizumu Daiho. Now let's get back to the DESPAIR!)

(Monokuma Theatre No.2)
Ahem, so...I'm sure that you've noticed that the killing game has begun, but...there's still room for a little laughter. It seems our newest students, already so filled with despair, still have some hope of escape! Puhuhu... So when will it begin? When will their hope begin to die? Is it time yet? Is it time?! Heartpounding excitement!

*snip, snip, pull*
*snip, snip, pull*
"...There. T
:icongoldencat12:GoldenCat12 0 0
Danganronpa OC: Graffiti Streakerz Logo by GoldenCat12 Danganronpa OC: Graffiti Streakerz Logo :icongoldencat12:GoldenCat12 0 0 Danganronpa OC: Chonadeshiko Girl's Academy pin by GoldenCat12 Danganronpa OC: Chonadeshiko Girl's Academy pin :icongoldencat12:GoldenCat12 0 0
Hope Beating in Despair's Silence: Part 5

(Monokuma Theatre: No.1)
In any normal school, Mr. Monokuma would be a kind teacher. But when I think about what's coming up...I'm just so full of pride and joy. Our ceremony earlier today was absolutely splendid. Thank you all very much. Remember that you're all students of Hope's Peak Academy, and strive to refine your ideals. I swear to you, I will send you all off into a new tomorrow!

*Ding dong, bing bong*
"Huh?! What the?!" I exclaimed, bolting upwards from my sleep as I heard the alarm go off. Looking at the monitor, Monokuma showed up on screen.
Good morning, everyone! It is now 7 a.m. and nighttime is officially over! Time to rise and shine! Get ready to greet another beee-yutiful day!
I slept until 7? I guess this stuff had exhausted me more than I thought...
Once the screen turned off, I got
:icongoldencat12:GoldenCat12 0 0
Danganronpa: Rizumu Daiho Group Pic by GoldenCat12 Danganronpa: Rizumu Daiho Group Pic :icongoldencat12:GoldenCat12 1 0 Danganronpa OC: Rizumu Daiho Hope and Despair by GoldenCat12 Danganronpa OC: Rizumu Daiho Hope and Despair :icongoldencat12:GoldenCat12 1 0 Danganronpa OC: Itokinuyo Family by GoldenCat12 Danganronpa OC: Itokinuyo Family :icongoldencat12:GoldenCat12 0 0 Danganronpa OC: Rizumu with Diamond Bros by GoldenCat12 Danganronpa OC: Rizumu with Diamond Bros :icongoldencat12:GoldenCat12 0 0 Danganronpa OC: Shouji, Rizumu, Hitomi by GoldenCat12 Danganronpa OC: Shouji, Rizumu, Hitomi :icongoldencat12:GoldenCat12 1 0
Hope Beating in Despair's Silence: Part 4

"Okay! It looks like everyone's here. Time to start the meeting! Let's all go around and share what we found during our respective investigations! The sooner we find out what's going on, the sooner we get out of here!" Kiyotaka announced from inside the dining hall.
Well I've been here a little too long. Guess I better get inside the hall in case they think I'm planning something. After he was finishing that last sentence I stepped out of the kitchen into the dining hall.
"Waddup, peeps!" I announced, getting everyone's attention and I can see Makoto sitting right nex
:icongoldencat12:GoldenCat12 2 0
Danganronpa OC: Rizumu and her Dad by GoldenCat12 Danganronpa OC: Rizumu and her Dad :icongoldencat12:GoldenCat12 1 3 Danganronpa OC: Rizumu Daiho Sprite by GoldenCat12 Danganronpa OC: Rizumu Daiho Sprite :icongoldencat12:GoldenCat12 3 0 Rizumu x Mondo anime couple picture creator by GoldenCat12 Rizumu x Mondo anime couple picture creator :icongoldencat12:GoldenCat12 3 0 Danganronpa OC Rizumu Daiho 8-bit sprite (DR1) by GoldenCat12 Danganronpa OC Rizumu Daiho 8-bit sprite (DR1) :icongoldencat12:GoldenCat12 1 0


Mature content
Survivor | Erwin x Doctor!Reader [Modern AU] :iconatr0cities:atr0cities 65 15
Afternoon Tea (Erwin x reader)
Fandom: Attack On Titan/ Shingeki No Kyojin
Reader-insert: Female

(y/n) was in front of Commander Erwin’s office, she was carrying a tray with a tea kettle, two empty tea-cups and some cookies. She knocked on the door, well actually, she slightly kicked the door to make the noise audible enough for the man inside the room. However, she got no reply.
Erwin must be so immersed in his paperwork not to hear me ‘knock’
. She sighed.
“Hey, Erwin. Are you in there?”
“Huh? (y/n)? Come in. I’m doing paperwork” She heard Erwin’s muffled voice.


“Could you open the door for me? My hands are busy, I’m holding a tray.”
“…Sure, just a minute.”
After a few seconds, she heard footsteps approaching followed by the creak of the door being opened. “You brought me tea, I see.” Erwin smiled warmly at her. If he only knew that his
:iconvenulus:Venulus 87 36
Enough: An Erwin x Reader Fanfic
    It was the subtle rustling of sheets that woke you from you slumber. Eyes, still tired, blinked open wearily, your body cringing against the cold air that crept underneath the blankets.
    "Erwin...." You mumbled his name, still half asleep as the muscular blond ran his fingers through tangled hair, eyes blinking away fatigue.
    "Erwin..." You say again, more of a complaint as the bed is cold and lonely without him.
    With an exaggerated yawn, you manage to rise, rubbing the sleep from your eyes as you stumble towards the figure who stood not far from the warmth and comfort of the soft mattress.
    Arms laden with the exhaustion that early morning brings wrapped around his shoulders. You shivered, the brisk November air biting at your skin relentlessly.
    "Erwin..." You yawn, leaning against his muscular chest. "There's nothing to do today," you reminded gently.
    After 90% of the Titan population had b
:iconthisismyvisual:ThisIsMyVisual 252 18
My Savior-Erwin x Reader
*Read description below and enjoy*
This cant be happening, this has to be all a bad dream please be a bad dream
You were next to Levi, rechecking his ankle when you heard a member of the Garrison Vanguard running and shouting about what took place between Eren and the two other Scouting Legion members who's identities were revealed as the Armored and the Colossal Titan. Distress was etched on your face as you and Levi walked over and stood behind Erwin and Jean, as you were trying to make sense on what was happening. You tried your hardest not to let the others see your hand shake at the news, so admits the noise of the shocked soldiers, you started to count backwards to 10 and breathe in and out slowly. This is the end of everything isn't it? No, I mustn't think this way, I must fight to my last dying breath. Just then, you heard the orders from Erwin to head to Wall Rose to engage the enemy. 
Time passed as you reached the location of where
:iconabovetheborder:AbovetheBorder 58 10
Mature content
My Queen-Erwin x Reader :iconabovetheborder:AbovetheBorder 76 22
Mature content
Reader x Erwin - Lemon!An Encounter in the Shower :iconmythiica:Mythiica 94 53
AoT Doujinshi- CH11- Depression by MsArtisticStuff
Mature content
AoT Doujinshi- CH11- Depression :iconmsartisticstuff:MsArtisticStuff 53 18
Attack on Titan Doujinshi- CH 1/PG 28-29 by MsArtisticStuff Attack on Titan Doujinshi- CH 1/PG 28-29 :iconmsartisticstuff:MsArtisticStuff 33 15
Fine [Apollo x Reader]
Apollo’s throat officially fell numb.
The reflection of his big, brown eyes, now heavy and puffy, gazed back at him with disdain at the continuous torture of his vocal chords.
Chords of Steel. Right.
At this point, with the rawness and the stinging, the redness, they were more like chords of raw meat.
Swallowing hard, he clenched his teeth and rubbed the front of his neck. It was almost time for the trial to begin, and he still seemed to swim in absolute darkness - or drowning. How was he supposed to defend his client with such a rickety foundation to stand on?
On the other hand, Phoenix Wright, his predecessor, his mentor, his hero, always managed to prove the innocence of his clients. Hell, he could only begin with a grand of sand as a piece of evidence and still win his case!
How could ever hope to enter the same vicinity as him?
Clearing his throat, he turned back to you, currently sitting on the sofa within the lobby. You rose  upon his approach and handed him th
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 37 9
Danganronpa Meme - Blank Template by Ryxedieos Danganronpa Meme - Blank Template :iconryxedieos:Ryxedieos 104 20 after you by kirikaito after you :iconkirikaito:kirikaito 114 9 [MMD] Danganronpa Masterlist by bakasaiko [MMD] Danganronpa Masterlist :iconbakasaiko:bakasaiko 372 69 SHSL Tutor at work by FumikoMiyasaki SHSL Tutor at work :iconfumikomiyasaki:FumikoMiyasaki 11 6 *Yells profanities in Japanese* by Harryfly *Yells profanities in Japanese* :iconharryfly:Harryfly 27 2 Dangansquad doodle by Harryfly Dangansquad doodle :iconharryfly:Harryfly 74 18 Manly Tea Party by DiePestArzt Manly Tea Party :icondiepestarzt:DiePestArzt 43 9



Danganronpa OC Imawoikiru High School
This is where Rizumu went before she was scouted out for Hope's Peak Academy
Danganronpa Hope Beating in Despair's Silence
This is the cover to my Danganronpa Fanfic: Hope Beating in Despair's Silence featuring my OC Rizumu Daiho. The Ultimate Urban Dancer

(Okay, before we get into this, I just want to thank bastart13 once again from Tumblr for creating this amazing drawing of Rizumu Daiho. Now let's get back to the DESPAIR!)

(Monokuma Theatre No.2)
Ahem, so...I'm sure that you've noticed that the killing game has begun, but...there's still room for a little laughter. It seems our newest students, already so filled with despair, still have some hope of escape! Puhuhu... So when will it begin? When will their hope begin to die? Is it time yet? Is it time?! Heartpounding excitement!

*snip, snip, pull*
*snip, snip, pull*

"...There. That's the last string for now..." I sighed after removing the last thread from my arm. I would've wiped my hand on my brow if the back of it didn't have drops of blood on it.

I honestly didn't know how those mannequins could stand still with all the pricks and pins they must suffer from. But they don't feel any pain like me. Even after all those years, I'm still feeling pain. I'll be in High School soon...And just like before the pain will continue and it'll worsen. If I have to endure more pain, then fine! But can't I have at least one day to forget about it.

As I thought that, I didn't expect her to be standing outside my room, peeking behind the door. It caught me off by surprise because I never saw her face to face before. She's definitely grown from all the baby pictures I saw. She didn't look like dad, so she was luckily spared. Or does she have someone else as a dad like Yui? Is she competing for something as well?

She had all the traits of an Itokinuyo, or rather just mother with her light brown hair and large ocean blue eyes. But she just looks so adorable being! Even if I was the odd one out, here I am exchanging awkward silence with my little sister...

"Ume..." I spoke out, forgetting the pin pricks that I had and standing up from the floor.

She looked a little conflicted, opening her mouth to say something but immediately shuts it. She probably wasn't sure how she should speak to me or mother told her not to. Speaking of which I hoped she was busy with Yui or something that kept her from knowing anything. I decided if she wasn't going to or couldn't speak to me, then she could probably do something for me.

"Can you give me some wipes? They're in the bathroom?" I asked her kindly. I was glad to see her nod and hurried out of my room, only for her to return a few minutes later with the wipes. It's nice to know she helped me with something from a stranger, despite being siblings.
But now it was back to awkward silence...Well, up until she finally spoke.

"Mummy and Big Sis can't play with me...They say they're too busy
." Ume said, looking down at her feet.

I can see why. It's been hard since that day...All Yui and mother ever does now is focus on the business. I still miss dad and right now only a few memories remain of him. Ume...has never met him. The only was to know he was ever there is...through me. I'm almost the exact replica of him in looks. I knelt down on my knees, which caused her to look at me.

"You didn't have to wait this long to tell me, little plum." I told her, holding her cheeks in my hands "That's why my door has always been open since you were born."

Ume was surprised, even looking like she was going to tear up, but my hands started moving down to her shoulders and I tickled under her neck.

"H-Hey! T-Tickles!" Ume giggled out, her shoulders moving upwards, but all that did was keep my hands in place to continue being her tickle monster.

"It does because I'm your tickle monster!" I teased, before blowing raspberries on her stomach, making her blush yet laugh out of happiness.

"B...Beni...k-ko!" she laughed out.

As I continued to mess with her and laugh along with her...for the first time in a while, I actually forgot about the pain.


"....Heh, heh...Ume...." I mumbled in my sleep, even blowing a few minor raspberries with my lips.

My eyes suddenly opened wide and I jolted upward in surprise as my brain acknowledged that I said her name! Damn it! This wasn't the first time I had dreams or nightmares of my past, but now my brain's making me remember things vividly when I sleep! Agh!...Well, I'm going to sleep anytime soon. I guess I'll dance to some DDR, since that's always gonna wake me up. Starting up the system, I selected a fast paced song and without the bars I kept in time with the beat, by simply watching the screen and not my feet. Each step I took made me feel better each second as well as the upbeat music. The song ended and I got triple A in the process, which was frequent for me nowadays, but now I'm feelin' pumped up!

*Ding dong, bing bong*

Well, until Tedbot killed the mood...

Good morning, everyone! It is now 7 a.m. and nighttime is officially over! Time to rise and shine! Get ready to greet another beee-yutiful day!

Letting out a groan, I got changed into my normal attire and headed out of the door. I headed over to the school store to see if I could get some mineral water from the MonoMonoMachine. The result I got wasn't what I expected, but I liked what I got nonetheless. Opening the can of cola, I saw Makoto walk through the door.

"Ma! Ma! Makoto! How's it hangin', Lucky?! You gettin' some come cool stuff?" I asked.

"Actually, I was asking if I could spend some time with you, Rizumu." Makoto answered.

Nice! I bet a few others are waiting outside...wait. Is it just me and him?! Oh...this is gonna be awkward. But we're in the school store, so there's bound to be something we could do to not make it all silent and weird.

"Ya... wanna hang out with me? I tend to stick with groups, but with just one I... Ya know what? No probs! Let's hang!" I accepted.

Throughout the time we shared together, we talked about fairly average stuff and at the same time, I was paying close attention to his conversations and actions. It's safe to say through this time, we grew a little closer. What I didn't expect him to do was give me a gift. He gave me an Astral Boy Doll. It's design reminded me of a radio player, so I liked it and gave him my thanks

"So, Lucky. What's with the black jack?" I questioned him, looking at the jacket that covered his hoodie.

"Huh? Black jack?" the lucky student responded with confusion

"Your jacket. I mean your wearing somethin' tight over somethin' comf. You not restrainin' your arms or something?" I clarified.

"No, not really. It actually doesn't bother me at all..." answered Makoto

"What?! Are you really that lanky? Here, lemmie look!" I said, proceeding to take his jacket off much to his surprise, "Damn, peep. You slide out of it no prob. You really are average built. Now, I can finally look at that sick hoodie properly!"

I was serious. The jacket didn't let me look at his hoodie properly, so I wasn't going to miss this opportunity, "Wow! I can see why it ain't a bother...Hey Lucky, what's that red thing your hood? Checking if ya know...It looks like...

"It's a gas mask." Makoto answered simply.

"YEAH! That's it!" I exclaimed, "I knew your hoodie had a kinda toxic vibe to it But why toxic of all things? You really need to wear brighter digs, Lucky. Take the Graffiti Streakerz looks for facts!"

"The Graffiti Streakers...That's the name of your dance group, right?" Makoto recalled, with me nodding in confirmation

"Yep! Though I wouldn't say I lead them. Never cared for top dog. Ain't desired it or want it...Never deserved it..." I muttered out, almost sinking down my current mood as my hand went to my neck and the other went to my heart in a pained expression, until I snapped back and getting serious,"...BUT! I uphold teamwork. We take care of our own, but if they wanna risk the danger the streets have, I'm not stopping their routine. I don't see 'em doing so, though. I mean they all suffered grim stuff. One's battling from an addiction, Another's recovering from the Big C...One of the kids that dance with us was a runaway from a bitch of a babysitter. Despite that, we're the top dance posse out there!

"Wow, Rizumu. You seem to care about them very much. You've been a big help to them when they've gone through so much..." Makoto appreciated.

"Yeah...But knowing 'em they can pull through. Wish I could make a family than be born into one. But its like The Chicken and the Egg: One can't exist without the other, so circles have no beginning. Anyway, I'll bring ya to one of our venues, if we get out, "I offered him, "We could look for a better main colour than fern green..."

"Fern Green...?" Makoto pointed out what I said and that's when I realized my flaw.

"I-I mean green! Just green...Catch ya later, Lucky!" I corrected myself, before dashing out of the school store.

Damnit. I hate it every time I get very picky on colours by describing them accurately. It's just a reminder of the past I spent with my former family. I could dance to some DDR again, but I'm not much of an introvert...I KNOW! Rollerblading will work! Where did I last leave them? I knew I bought them with me since that was how I get myself to the academy. But as I was in my thoughts, I ended up crashing into someone's back and dropped to the floor. I held my head, realising my hat had fallen off, but my braided ponytail was still pinned to my head. When he turned around...Mondo...He looks pissed.

"Hey! Watch if you son of a-!" Mondo shouted, but he cut off his loud tone when noticed that it was only me.

"Sorry, Pomp...Just got out while thinkin' about somethin'." I apologized, before looking around for my hat.

Finding it on the ground behind me, I reached to grab it and place it back on my head and moved to get myself back on my feet, but I discovered Mondo's hand in front of me, offering to lift me off the ground. Honestly, I was surprised at the gesture, but I smiled as I clasped it and he heaved me back up on my own two feet.

"Heh...Never thought you'd be the one to fall down like that. Was startin' to wonder if your hat was stuck on." Mondo replied.

"Yeah? Well at least I still look rad in it. It'll make ya hair upgrade to laughin' stock." I joked.

"What?!" He growled, giving me a death glare.

While a little intimidated, I let out a laugh and lightly slammed on his shoulder, "Haha! Just messin' with ya, pomp! But seriously, this cap's is just as much as your jacket in value. They gotta kill me if they want it."

"Yeah, I get ya. If anyone wants to take the jacket from the leader of the Crazy Diamonds It'll be over my dead body. I'll fuck 'em up if they ever think about trying!" Mondo agreed, cracking his knuckles in that last sentence.

"Okay, Pomp! Take it back now. Nobody's here to screw us around. But, if ya got nothin' to do..." I suggested, even becoming a little embarrassed since I'm asking one person, specifically him to spend some time with me, "Damn, this goes both ways but... I thought we could screw around together."

"Really? You ain't even-?"

"As if I'd be shit scared of ya!" I exclaimed, cutting off what he was going to say, which was rare for me, "I just prefer hangin' out in crowds than company! That's why I was pretty chill askin' you and Leon out for grub!" I lowered my voice after a short breath, "But...Being who we are and knowin' where we stand on the streets, I can tell ya good company. Even before..."

"Huh? Before what?" Mondo asked, hearing what I muttered out.

"...Nothin'. So, you wanna hang with me or what?" I suggested.

"Sure, Rizumu. Hell, even though we kinda just met I think you're good company, too! You wanna go get somethin' to drink?" the biker offered.

"You betcha! I'm gonna need to fill up my tank when I start bustin' moves!" I accepted, walking with him to the dining hall.

When we got there, I didn't expect to find Kiyotaka and Byakuya already there as well. This was uncomfortable for the both of us because... The Ultimate Moral Compass is so obedient to the rules and Mondo's rebelliousness he and Mondo clearly don't mix well. I still think Taka's a buzzkill, but I still have respect for him for his effort. And I think he's more tolerable to me, so long as I don't graffiti where I shouldn't.

Byakuya...well, beside him seeing us two as plebeians or such. I...knew of him through my past life. I don't think me and him had ever met, but he definitely met Yui...Even now I wonder if he's always been like this, or this is what Yui would've been like if she actually won against him...

Well, that aside, me and Mondo got to the kitchen, and actually saw Hifumi there as well, probably to get something to eat. While we were waiting for the water to boil, me and the fanfic creator, got into a discussion on music that came from video games and anime. I wasn't interested in his favourite anime, but I did admit to enjoying one anime about a girl crossdressing as a boy to be a host in a rich school.

"Speakin' of that, I actually went to Karuizawa in the summer with my dance crew! Some of the best days I had!" I exclaimed, excitedly.

"Be quiet, Rizumu. Not everyone has time for your enthusiastic ramblings. If you're so passionate about it to the point of returning there again, you have but to kill a fellow student." Byakuya spoke from his seat.

"Oh, go fuck your bucks, Rich Prick!" I cursed out to him, as me and Mondo finished preparing out tea.

We both would've smirked at each other from seeing the Ultimate Affluent Progeny's reaction, but our attention had to be caught by Kiyotaka, who heard me and my comeback.

"Rizumu! Swearing is NOT welcome in a school environment!" he shouted.

"Hey! He killed the mood. Don't make it worse, Buzzkill." I retorted.

"Yeah, man. He had every right to say that to that asshole!" Mondo added in my support.

"I can see why she had to say such a thing, but please refrain yourself from speaking inappropriate language next time." Taka warned me.

"Relax. We're gonna to the edge so I won't hafta deal with him," I assured him, "Pricks like him tend to rub me the wrong way..."

Heading to the very end of the cafeteria with Mondo, we both sat together to indulge in tea and conversations. We even spoke on our own progress in getting out, to which I've admitted to lacking in since I did wanted to adapt to surroundings. Eventually we got to talk on personal stuff.

"Yo, Rizumu. What's your ride?" he asked me.

"My ride? Sorry to say, but I ain't got one," I answered, "I mean the only set of wheels I got are my rollerblades Skidz gave me."

"Skidz? What kinda name is that?" Mondo questioned.

"The *nickname* of one of the few peeps who got me on my feet since those rough times. Even taught me how to dance on rollerblades!" I explained, "I met him at the arcade when I first got my passion for dance through DDR...But aside from that. We're talkin' about rides, right?"

"Yeah. Shit, Rizumu...I thought you'd have a ride by now. I mean, you're not a little kid anymore! Tell you what. I'm gonna educate ya!" Mondo decided, "So listen up. A real man rides Kawasaki, okay? That's what I ride. You oughta see it, man. T v-twin's got that monster power, it's like you're dancin'. Course it ain't for just anyone. You gotta have the skill to handle it!"

"Dancin'...while on a hog?" I ya makin' me wanna pinch myself, pomp! I must be dreamin' hearing you say that!" I responded.

"Well I ain't kiddin'! You wanna come ride with my gang? The monster sound comin' outta that straight damn!" Mondo said, really showing his passion for motorbikes.

"Ridin' with the Crazy Diamonds sounds like a blast..." Rizumu admits, "But I don't wanna cause *that* kind of trouble. But like I said, I ain't even sat on a hog. And before rollerbladin' I did parkour."

"Dude! The minute we get out of here, I’m totally lettin' you ride with me!" Mondo offered.

When he gave me that offer, my face actually lit up. On a bike with one of The Diamond Brothers? I couldn't contain my joyful shout.

*...FUCK YEAH I WANNA RIDE WITH YA!" I yelled out.

"Rizumu! Language!" Kiyotaka shouted from afar.

"S-Sorry!" I apologized, before actually becoming embarrassed, but still smiling at the thought, "But for real. I don't mind that offer!...Pomp, are you okay? You look like ya spacin' out."

"Uh...Nothin'. You just remind me of when I started riding as a kid. My big bro used to take me on his bike. You heard of him? His name's Daiya."

"Daiya..." I found myself repeating that name breathlessly.

Have I heard of him? No...I mean why haven't I not heard of him? I never did forget how we first met. When I met both of you in the alleyway...
It was about a week since I first danced at the arcade where I saw these dancers that do a different style of dance I never got the chance to experience until now. The group that I met with were also street dancers that danced for fun and would hold events in clubs or just in the streets. My mother went on a trip and took two sisters with me, leaving me to the house myself. Actually, she purposely didn't want me to come, but at least my big sister, Yui hid the spare key from her for me...but it took a while to find it.

Honestly, everybody was having a good time as I was. The speakers beating out pumping music, the flashy dancers in illuminous hoodies and neon caps with spray paint designs. Despite being a newbie, I was well adjusted to the crowd. I didn't wear a hat, but I allowed my hair to not be in a bun or a braided ponytail and allowed it to hand loose, as well as make it wavy like my sister. With the money I managed to save, which luckily was more than enough even though compared to my family looked like spare change, I bought new clothes for the occasion, so I wouldn't have to show up in my private school uniform. And I quit my after school class much to my teacher's dismay, but honestly I don't think the other kids cared. I can finally ear less of..."Twinkle Toes".

Anyway, back to the main stuff. I bought some silver headphones to listen to some songs the group recommended me. Along with that was a black sleeveless belly top with pinkish red frills on the top, which I keep underneath the silver hoodie jacket. Along with that are hot neon pink jeans with a pair of silver laced trainers. I was currently leaning back on the brick wall spectating the dancers as I was having my drink when a familiar face from the arcade came to me.

"Yo, B! The next dance off's comin' up. You wanna join?" he offered me.

"Thanks for the offering, Shouji. But it's only been a week since I've started to learn this type of dancing. And I'd like to look at others dancing to see new moves." I declined, kindly as well as uncertain.

"You're gonna sit out? Girl, you picked up moves faster than any guy's ever done. You gotta gift granted to ya for this kinda stuff." he praised, to which I highly disagreed on.

"I don't believe fate bestowed me as a gift..." I doubted,
looking at her own feet instead of at him,"Besides, it's not like I'm going to be granted a chance..."

I silenced my own words when my ears began to pick up the sound of some kind of motor engine, which seemed to become louder each second. Since I've been around with the dancers for a week, they already knew about my hearing and I've proved it to them many times from their footsteps to what someone said behind my back.

"It sounds like we're getting some loud company..." I predicted, to which I was right the moment I saw them.

Throughout the whole week I've been on the streets, I had already heard of the well known biker gang from all around Japan: The Crazy Diamonds. They practically owned the streets at night and were viewed as delinquents by society. They looked like they came out of a street brawl. Yes I'm also aware of street brawls, but this is like a safe haven where I am. Nobody was here to fight, but to dance. But I hoped the dancers and even me get a pass because we came to have some fun and not take over.

The gang's bikes pulled over to the side and those who didn't dance or took a break just stared as the gang made their way to where we all were. They were all wearing their signature white jackets with the symbol of their gang on the back of them and walking close together, but not taking over their leader, who had a black pompadour and his second in command with a brown and longer pompadour, who stood side by side each other, showing that they were brothers.

"Hey, Shouji...Do they come by here often?" I asked him curiously.

"Usually. But I'm gettin' a bad feeling, B. They look like they're after someone. Could be someone did somethin' against 'em or who's allied with em..." Shouji informed me.

"Yo. Anyone here who's goin' by the letter "B"?" The guy with a brown long pompadour asked.

Oh no...They're looking for me. What did I do wrong? I didn't mean to mess up someone's live...I never meant to mess up anyone's life! Maybe I should run before... No. No this is one of the reasons I took dancing. To move my feet like I'm running, but stand my ground at the same time. I didn't even notice the beat was lowered by the person on the mic, who was about to announce the next dance off until The Crazy Diamonds made their entrance. Everyone turned their heads towards me and Shouji, stepping back to make a pathway between us and them. I saw the Diamond Brothers make their way towards us, and to me it looked like they were targeting Shouji. Just to prevent a misunderstanding, I took my steps towards them.

"Yeah. That would be me. Why are you asking?" I questioned, curious to the fact it was the first thing they asked.

It seemed like surprise was evident on the biker's faces. Well, other than the black haired Diamond brother who seemed interested in what was going on before him and his brother.

"Heh...never thought a chick of all things would be makin' waves 'round here." the younger brother admitted.

"Is that judgement? Well, compared to your two's years of progress a week must be little value to you. And I don't make waves, since I don't even go with the flow. I thought your gangs are diamonds, not lapis lazuli. Is that why you're Crazy instead of Flawless?" I responded, to the point that me questions of interest unknowingly to me became comebacks.

It finally occurred to me when the crowd made a similar sound to when I defeated a male on DDR and said something about his ego. Even though they thought the comeback was priceless, supported by the looks of the biker members faces they were scared for me as well. It's like...I could hear their hearts telling me to stop or step back. But I couldn't...I refused. So I could only look straight at The Diamond Bros, preparing for their own reactions. To my surprise, the leader was grinning at me and stepping towards me.

"You gotta lot of guts usin' that sass to our faces. I knew there somethin' more about ya than your moves, kid!" the older brother laughed, "My bro and I are just impressed with what we've been hearin' the past week."

"Well...I appreciate the honesty, sir." I complimented, showing genuine relief to both brothers.

"C'mon, there's no need to act formal. We all came here to have some fun! Right, boys?" the older brother called out to his gang to which they responded positively.

"But don't I need any atonement? Was that the only reason you mentioned me just to know you were looking for?" I questioned.

"To answer ya question, we did wanna see whatcha got, since we heard you wrecked that dude pretty hard in the arcade." the younger brother explained.

Ah. So they did know about me from that event.

"...You all did make your entrances before the next dance off." I recalled.

The host seemed to caught on with what I just said and instantly began speak on the mic what's going to go down He declared the dance off is about to begin and that I will be dancing. The current participants made their way on the dance floor with me and we all took our sides but all of us made sure the Crazy Diamonds could see me.

When the music began to play, there was a build up to which we took time to pretend to wipe our hoodies and etc. And when the real beat was in place each of the dancers started busting their moves one by one. It was quite various with each moves I've seen and mastered as well as seeing unique moves that included spinning around on their heads. And once it eventually became my turn, I let myself loose, even strutting towards the gang. My head moved down to my feet as the beat began to descend, but my chest pulsated forward in time like a heartbeat and when the bass dropped...I became alive.

My feet started running on the spot in a circle before my body did a wave on the ground by dropping front first with my hands supporting me, before I brought my feet forward and after they twisted and crossed the floor a few times, I suddenly found myself doing pinwheels. I had already learned the moves I was doing, but it was the accurate routine that I was doing. I stopped once there were gunshots heard that was according to the beat and I went low to the floor, with my legs bent and my upper body on the ground. And then using my legs simultaneously I jumped back up. Everybody by then was cheering. Even the bikers gave me wolf whistles as they clapped with the Diamond Brothers.

"Looks like we got an unanimous vote for the new kid on the block. Give it up for "B" who's puttin' the B in BEATS!" the announcer revealed, earning me another around of applause from the crowd.

"Damn, kid! I gotta admit that's some pretty sick moves you got goin' on! I knew comin' here was worth it."  the older brother praised.

"Damn straight! She's cut out for this kinda stuff!" the younger brother agreed.

"Thanks, guys! I was a blast for my first!" I responded, speaking more confident from the aftermath of the dance due to the lingering adrenaline,
"Hey, I didn't get your names from you. What are they?"

"The name's Daiya Oowada,"
Daiya, who was the older brother introduced,
"And this is my little bro, Mondo!"

I took both of their hands and started shaking them.

"Daiya and Mondo. It's nice to meet you two in person!" I replied,
"They call me..."

Snapped of my own thoughts, even screaming myself and holding my now ringing ears before looking around frantically. I was confused of where I was until it came to me that I was trapped in Hope's Peak by a psycho bear and I was talking to...Mondo. Turning towards him now that my ears stopped ringing from unexpected shouting from him, I looked to see the Ultimate Biker Gang Leader have a face of concern.

"Oh! My bad, pomp! I spaced out!" I answered, rubbing the back of my head with a laugh before drinking my tea.

"Jesus...Could ya warn me next time? You nearly scared the shit out of me." said Mondo.

"If I saw that look of me in a mirror...I'd punch it." I admitted, clenching my fists "Well that aside...Let's finish up our drink!"

After we finished up as well as giving him some roller slippers, we reluctantly parted ways again, only this time it seemed to me that we both were. Honestly, this...was weird. It wasn't just the fact I've become a hostage in the school I was scouted for to try and convince me to kill another. Even in a situation like this, I'd be as optimistic as Hina and try to at least get along with everyone as they are my classmates, but...The moment I saw Mondo it made me more concerned for him than anyone else. Well, besides Chihiro...Speaking of which, I should check up on her now that I've now just arrived at her door.

Ringing the doorbell of her room I waited to see if she was in while I tapped my feet. A few moments later she opened the door and we saw each other. While I was smiling, Chihiro looked a little...irritated with her hand rubbing over the other a little. She must be in pain since I saw her having a few tears on her lashes.

"Hey, Chibi! You doin' alright?" I asked her.

" hurts..." Chihiro answered.

"What does? Here, lemme get a look at it." I offered, leaning down on my knee so I could look straight at her hand.

Looking like she trusts me, Chihiro stretched out her hand and revealed a huge red bump on her pale skin. I was surprised to say the least. How could that happen to someone like her? I could've told brought her to the nurse's office, but that was out of bounds. Telling her to wait there, I dashed to my room to grab two things, before returning to her.

"Do ya mind if I enter? We're gonna need a sink for soap water." I asked.

"No, I don't mind...Come in." Chihiro allowed, letting me walk into her room so we could use her bathroom. Walking inside, I started filling up the sink with water and with the soap being added we started making the soap water foamy. While I told her to let her hand rest in the water for about 5 minutes I asked her how the bump got on her hand and it was revealed to have been...a mosquito bite?

"Damn, those bites are always a pain. Must've gotten its fill while you were snoozin'." I figured.

"Oh, no. I was awake, actually." corrected Chihiro.

"And ya didn't notice it?" I added, wanting to know more.

"No, I noticed. But...Well, I felt it bite me, and I looked down at it. But I didn't do anything. I just sat there and watched it suck my blood..." she answered, which caused me to open my mouth in surprise.

"What?! Chibi, did ya not know the risks?! Why didn't ya shake it off or smack it?!" I exclaimed.

"Cuz...that would've killed it, right?" The Ultimate Programmer responded, "It must have been really hungry to suck that much blood.
If it was that hungry, it would've been really sad not to let it have anything."

"True, b-but. What if it becomes more than just a bite?! It coulda endangered your life!"

"Mosquitos are living things too, though. It might have its own mosquito family...S-Sorry, I know that's dumb..." Chihiro apologized.

"...Nah, its my bad. Shows how much ya care about life. I jus' got paranoid because..." I trailed off a little.

"Because...?" Chihiro repeated.

"Well...I once knew this little girl who's momma dressed her like a doll. And would get pretty pissed if anthin' ruined her. Even if it was just a scratch, she'd get triggered. When we started hangin' out, it was most fun I had in a long while. But when she got bit my a bug, I got blamed for it and...I gained and lost her in just one day." I explained, letting out a sigh as I closed my eyes.

"Oh...I see. Wait, you said you not only gained her, but you also lost her in one day. What do you mean?" Chihiro pointed out.

"...Let's leave it at the fact that day was the first day I saw her in the flesh and losin' her was the trust." I concluded.

By that time I had the bindings that I got from the MonoMono Machine and had cut them up using the scissors from my sewing kit that Monokuma distributed. I had gotten some aloe vera from my bathroom to soothe the bite and bring down the swelling. placing a dab on her swollen skin, I got to work on wrapping up her hand, but unlike myself I made sure it wasn't too tight by trusting her word.

"Here ya go! This'll hold up until Tedbot gets that room open." I informed.

"Wow! It doesn't itch as much anymore! Thanks, Rizumu! Where did you learn how to do first aid?" Chihiro asked.

"Well, It ain't like that. I thought mosquito bites were similar to pin prick rashes, so I used a trick to...Wait, I just said I wanted to leave it!" I realized, "Chihiro!"

"I-I'm sorry, Rizumu!" she apologized to me, looking a little sad.

"...Haha! Relax! I was just messin' with ya. But I did learn to know a few tips from one of my peeps from The Graffiti Streakerz. She was recovering from somethin' in her life." I explained.

Chihiro nodded in understanding, but when she looked down at her hand, she thought of something.

"But anyway, don't you think it's kinda strange?" Chihiro questioned.

"About what?" I answered.

"Well this school is completely sealed off, right? So how'd a mosquito get in? Maybe there's somewhere here in the school where bugs can live and grow. Some kind of...nature-y spot. Or or or! Maybe there's a secret passage somewhere that leads out of the school!"

"Yeah, I get what ya thinkin'! That bite might actually be tellin' us all something!" I agreed, "Even if it's still sealed off by Monokuma, if we keep pushin' forward with teamwork, we can get outta this dump!"

"You're right! Working together is super important... Of course, I dunno how I can be useful. I'll probably just weigh you all down..." Chihiro sighed out, feeling a little let down.

"Ay! Don't get all pouty, Chibi! You being and that determined to help lifts me right up in the mood!" I assured her.

"It does? Really...?" Chihiro reacted with a bit of surprise.

"For real! Now chin up before I resort to ticklin'!" I joked,

"O-Okay! Eheh... Thank you, Rizumu." Chihiro giggled.

"No prob!" I told her, moving to pull the plug in the sink and open the door. I faltered just a little bit because I noticed Chihiro's bathroom door...doesn't have a lock on it. t made me wonder just a little bit if she also wondered why I had sewing scissors. Still, I'll give Chihiro the benefit of the doubt for now as Makoto told me about how his door didn't fit, so that could be a mix-up as well. Saying goodbye to Chihiro, I went back to my room to place the things I brought back where I found them and clean my hands.

And then it was heard again...the school announcement.

*Ding dong, bing bong*
Mm, ahem, this is a school announcement. It is now 10 p.m. As such, it is officially "nighttime". Soon, the doors to the dining hall will be locked, and entry at that point is strictly prohibited. Okay, then...sweet dreams, everyone! Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite...

I'm definitely growing to detest those announcements from that bear...No. I've already had the moment it locked us all in here. But I can't let that get to me every time. Putting on my pyjamas and climbing into bed, I closed my eyes while listening to the beats from my headphones and let sleep overtake my consciousness.

Danganronpa OC: Graffiti Streakerz Logo
This is the logo for Rizumu's dance crew: The Graffiti Streakerz! The only thing that's missing is the running or paint streaks
Danganronpa OC: Chonadeshiko Girl's Academy pin
This is the emblem pin of Chōnadeshiko (Fringed Pink Butterfly Academy) This is where Rizumu went to before circumstances caused her to enrol into a different school before she got scouted for Hope's Peak Academy.
Hey! Thanks to everyone who favorited and commented on my Danganronpa OC! Just want to let you all know that I have a Tumblr account where you can ask Rizumu questions and such. Hope you enjoy!



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