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Haven chibi by GoldenAssassinWolf

Commissions are currently closed.
+ Terms of Service may be subject to change at any time. +
By requesting from me, that means you have read, understood, and agreed to my ToS even if you didn't read them I can and will hold you accountable if one is broken.



1)You must read all the rules before requesting a Commission! 

2) Comment to gain a spot.

3) Only two orders per commissioner!

4) Must provide detailed and clear reference sheets!

5) Payment is required before I begin the Commission.

6) I will make a commission widget for you, do not send any points until I say so. I will not send them back if you do otherwise.

7) Please be patient my life tends to get very busy. I will try to have your commission done as soon as possible if I can.


Please fill this out and comment down below once you gained a slot. <3

Character(s) name:
Commission type: (fullbody, pagedoll, ect)
Expression: (optional)
Posture/scene: (what is the character doing - Is optional)
Background: (if with commission)
 Preferred title:

.: Icons :.

Icon batch by GoldenAssassinWolf

Base price 200Points 
Simple shade 100Points 
Can either be pixel or brush
Plain or transparent background can be included for free if asked


.: Animated Squishy :.
Upp by GoldenAssassinWolfSunray Squishy by GoldenAssassinWolf
Base color 800Points 
Simple shade 200Points 
Just ask for icon version.
Will simplify designs


.: Chibi page doll :.

Charry by GoldenAssassinWolf

Base color 300Points 
Extra expression(s) 100 Points 
Comes with movement and one expression unless more is added.
Will simplify designs


.: Flat colored page dolls :.

Base 200Points 
Additional character 100Points 
Waffles - flat pixel by GoldenAssassinWolf

.: Shaded Page Doll :. 

Base 600Points
Additional character 300Points
Haven pixel by GoldenAssassinWolf

.: Murder my hand Page Doll :.
Base 1100Points
Additional character 600Points

.:Pixel Comm:. Sokol by GoldenAssassinWolf.:Pixel comm:. Ouch by GoldenAssassinWolf


.: Chibi :.

Style #1
    Furfrou Haven by GoldenAssassinWolfNervous boy by GoldenAssassinWolf

 Style #2
Chibi Bean 2/2 by GoldenAssassinWolfJax bean by GoldenAssassinWolf

Base color 500 Points 
Simple shade 150Points 
Additional character(s) 100Points 

.: Headshot:.

Tigerscathe by GoldenAssassinWolfCharry - halfbody by GoldenAssassinWolfThis is so late but happy belated birthday hnnn by GoldenAssassinWolf

Base color - 500 Points 

Shading - 300Points 
Additional character(s) - 100 Points 
a simple background can be added if asked


.: Fullbody :.
No example

Base price 800Points 
Shaded 400Points 
Additional character(s) 300Points 
(Can't draw humans in fullbodies yet)


.: Simple ref sheet :.
Bluestar by GoldenAssassinWolfBlackstar by GoldenAssassinWolf
Comes with what you see there


.: Full shaded scene with background  :.
Additional character(s) 600
(Depends on complexity)

We'll never leave your side little bro by GoldenAssassinWolfHello there by GoldenAssassinWolfWho's that Pokemon?! by GoldenAssassinWolfBoop by GoldenAssassinWolf

Just something quick cause you know the day of love is coming up. Lol.

One slot per person, first come first serve. 
Comes with two chibi's with light shading, style may change because it makes its fun xD
Just give me the refs of you and your friend/boyfriend/girlfriends ocs once you get a spot. Cx

It's 30 points.

1: Queen-pvp

2: Corvaix

3: Dr-Nova 
  • Playing: Ark survivors evolved
  • Drinking: Sprite
At the rate my inspiration is going, there probably won't be a cover for my comic for a long while. x'D
  • Playing: Conkers bad fur day
Working on pixel commissions.
  • Playing: Animal Crossing: New leaf
This video is basically represents how I feel about those fish qwq  

  • Playing: Animal Crossing: New leaf

Thorn bean by GoldenAssassinWolfKoi Bean by GoldenAssassinWolfSnowfeather bean by GoldenAssassinWolfCouple Beans by GoldenAssassinWolf

15 points for one of these because why not.....Simple designs pls



  1. iWolfieChan 
  2. ThatFurryArtist
  3. BitterBs
  4. Re-dez 
  5. BlazeKitty00
  6. Fahkeeth 
  7. Sapiira 
  8. KaidaStitches 
Seriously what's up with the pear with the mouth? :'D it's suddenly everywhere on da and I can't escape it X'D 
  • Listening to: Melanie Martinez
First two people in gets a flat pixel doll
  • Listening to: Melanie Martinez
what you be interested in seeing?
Just curious xD
  • Listening to: Death stranding soundtrack
Feature me on a journal and comment and I'll feature you here too!<3 :D
Check these peoples around out like ong!

Beautiful art style! +00+

<da:thumb id="662865181"/><da:thumb id="662560390"/><da:thumb id="661089830"/>
  • Listening to: Death stranding soundtrack
Bfa6bb48806a994378f0c73768d5a013 by GoldenAssassinWolf

Yaaaaaaay lol
  • Listening to: Death stranding soundtrack
Mentor and Apprentice by GoldenAssassinWolf
             .: PIXELS :.           
Point Right Regular Commissions Point Left 

One pixel per person
2. Sapiira

40Points  (shaded)
Gift - Tobias by GoldenAssassinWolf

 .:Linked Icons:.
-No examples yet-

Shipping dolls
50Points  (Shaded)
Late bday gift by GoldenAssassinWolf.:PC:. Kitties by GoldenAssassinWolf.:PC:. The cutest ship by GoldenAssassinWolf

.:Chibi Pixel Doll:.
70Points  (shaded)
(Ask for bounce motion)
Mesh by GoldenAssassinWolf

Lyn by GoldenAssassinWolfHaven chibi by GoldenAssassinWolf

.: Pixel Doll :.
100Points  (flat)
185Points  (shaded)
20Points (extra character)
Blustar Pixel by GoldenAssassinWolfIcepaw by GoldenAssassinWolfSomber by GoldenAssassinWolf

.: All nighter pixel  :.
60Points (extra character)

 Bluestar pixel by GoldenAssassinWolf
Tagged by KnightmareKM 

Here be the Rules:

  1. Write 13 facts about yourself.
  2. Answer the 13 questions provided, then invent 13 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
  3. Tag 13 people.
  4. Tagging people is required.
  5. Tag-backs are allowed.
  6. You must make a journal entry.

Facts about me~

1. I feel like Velma from Scooby doo when I can't find my glasses
2. I accidentally went into the men's bathroom before and used the bathroom and didn't realize it until I saw the urinals. Luckily no one was in there. XD 
3. I had a pet parakeet named Teddy.
4. I pull all nighters to rp and plot stories with this nerd TheWrathofEnvy
5. I love Wendy's spicy chicken sandwiches qwq
6. I crippling Art block rn
7. I will, one day, get a job qwq
8. I love the walking dead like omg
9. I have a shit ton of Batman themed clothes 
10. I can't stand the smell peanut butter X_X 
11. I love video games >3
12. I can't dance for shizzz
13. I really wanna steal EnvYousCat cactus for some reason

Questions from Knight:

1. What's your favorite book?
I think the first Harry potter and warriors book were my favorite cx

2. Do the ends justify the means?
Depends really :'D

3. Do demons exist?
.... Yeah

4. Who's your favorite YouTuber? 
I can't just name one :'D but the one I watch most is Pewdiepie
5. What do you prefer to draw: hands or feet?
Feeet, I suck so badly at hands like omg

6. Favorite kids show?
I think it was Lazy Town, I loved that show.

7. What type of scenery do you prefer? (forest, desert, city, etc.)

8. How fast do you respond to texts?
Pretty often if I'm not busy.

9. What art piece on DA are you most proud of? (can be writing, digital art, animation, etc.)
This baby right here
What better punishment then towatch your kits burn by GoldenAssassinWolf

10. Who was your first OC?
Oh wow um XD I have a slightly cringy one 
Img 20170131 022450 by GoldenAssassinWolf
I still have her too X'D just gotta finish her ref TTwTT but omg 

11. Which OC is most like you?
Haven 2015 ref (redesign) by GoldenAssassinWolf

12. Which OC do you torture too much?
Icegaze new ref by GoldenAssassinWolf
Poor Icegaze qwq

13. Would you rather do what you love with barely enough money to survive, or work at a job you hate with more money you knew what to do with? 

Well shit.....fuuuuuuuuuu this is hard.. I guess I gotta sacrifice and do what I hate, I rather have money to support my family and myself then not being able to survive off of what I get from doing what I love .......I'm thinking extremely hard on this.

Tagged: no one because  can't think of questions :'''D
Art block ruins lives....And Grammar

Yes I know I spelled Dairy and not Diary but I'm too lazy to caaaare

BAE-MON I ruined your child
Regrets nothing by GoldenAssassinWolf

The things I attempt to do to cure my art block
It had taken up my life and made me forget that I had owed art to draw. TTwtT

At least I finished the game X'D
  • Playing: Pokemon sun
Mines was very nice cx
  • Listening to: Hamilton
Gladeshine, Gladepool or Gladestripe?
  • Listening to: Hamilton
Cause people gonna get some Christmass gifts tooonigght
< ̄`ヽ、       / ̄>
 ゝ、  \ /⌒ヽ,ノ  /´
   ゝ、 `( ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) /
     >     ,ノ

< ̄`ヽ、       / ̄>
 ゝ、  \ /⌒ヽ,ノ  /´
   ゝ、 `( ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) /
     >     ,ノ
  • Listening to: Hamilton